Genshin Impact Developers Discussion - 12/04

Genshin Impact Developers discuss some of the changes coming in patch 1.2 later this month.

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Maywell88d ago

Love this game. High quality F2P gacha game, and not P2W. I think it could be better than BOTW. But the story is still still early will be continue progressing. Gameplay is awesome.

antikbaka87d ago

why do you say it's not p2w?

90% of characters you get through gacha only, to improve their talents - they must drop 6 times more. Want to have powerful weapon? - invest into gacha and battle pass heavily

Maywell82d ago

It is not P2W. You should play the game first before talking.

This game doesn't even have competitive gameplay, what kind of win are you talking about? LMAO

Michiel198987d ago

not pay2win? :D
i havent played the game. but having characters/equipment sold through randomized packs is the definition of p2w since it impacts gameplay. This game will never be better than botw since they develop gacha games around monetization first.

Teflon0287d ago

You should probably play before you say these things. There's alot of F2P players online proving it's not pay to win. The wishs don't need you to spend money. You're practically given Noelle, Barbara and Xiangling. Xiangling is my main DPS atm and I have every character but the 2 new ones and 3 of the 6 5 stars before it. Weapons, You can use your gems to get those too. Paying can speed up your processes but it's more that Primo gems can and you get a bit of them. Yes late in the game primogems are more scarce as you run outta things to do, but it's the reality when you got nothing to do. I've been able to do 30 pulls since the new banner without spending money and I pulled 3 Chongyun's 2 Razors and 1 Sucrose in those 30 pulls after already having. I'm max Con Chongyun off that despite not using, luck and pay to win are different things. Especially when you have characters able to do everything needed from the jump. I get why ppl would think that. But trust me when I say I'm AR 47 stickly off using my primo's for summons and using my Resin. I paid once trying to get a character I wanted Qiqi, and legit she was the very first summon when I paid so I didn't again. Venti and Childe got just before the banners finished by luck. Klee I used the last bit of wishes from the Qiqi gems and got right away. Just know what to do and you don't gotta spend lol

Michiel198986d ago

You should probably educate yourself what p2w is before you say these things. It doesnt matter how generous or not they are with giving out freebies, if you can skip a grind or a timegate by paying for it, its p2w.

"I paid once trying to get a character I wanted Qiqi" , if its not pay2win then why did you have to pay to get that character? I played one of these shitty games as well for a bit, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and these games give you just enough for free to keep you statisfied, but if you want to have (all) the best characters you gotta pull out your creditcard, because they timegate stuff with weekly/daily/hourly limits on things.

Im playing Dragon Quest 11 at the moment and if I want to max out a character there, I just have to play for it. I cant skip 8 hours of grinding enemies by paying 50 bucks or what have you. see the difference there?

Maywell82d ago

You should educate yourself more about P2W, and....about this game.

This game has no competitive gameplay, so what do you want to win on? Chill dude.

It has microtransaction feature, but it is not P2W game.

Read more, talk less.

xTonyMontana87d ago

^^^ It's not p2w. The characters come at level 1 and the way the game works, the world levels up alongside your adventure rank. Your level 1 characters would get destroyed. The Gacha is deceptive though, everything is earnable ingame but at a very slow rate and the best characters are only available for a limited time only and disappear with the banners. It's a fantastic game but the f2p rears it's ugly head later on, it takes two weeks of farming to level up new characters once you get close to AR50

antikbaka82d ago

yeah... earn yourself 5* characters or weapon without rerolls.

antikbaka82d ago

but i've played since the start and have 14 characters. I know what I'm talking about. If you want to beat PvE content (like abyss) you have to pay one way or another. It may be through wishes or battle pass, subscription.

You get very little as an F2P only player.

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