Call of Duty Nets $3 Billion in Microtransactions & Game Sales in the Last 12 Months

Activision has reported that Call of Duty microtransactions and game sales have now netter over $3 billion in just the last months!

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utopiancat47d ago

That's why games need to be $70 they clearly aren't making enough money to pay wages.

P_Bomb46d ago

Executive cigars taste better lit by hundred dollar bills. On Call of Duty island.

Army_of_Darkness46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Earnings of 3 billion in 12 months.... My God.... What am I doing wrong....??..... Oh I know! Everything! 🤔😕
Damn, I wouldn't even lite a cigar with a $1 bill 😂😭

lodossrage46d ago



But you still find people making excuses for the price hike. Even on this site. They don't even realize they are part of the camp that are making things worse for gaming as a whole. Every apologist that sprouts up gives way to companies finding more ways to milk people

GottaBjimmyb46d ago

To be fair, single player games with no microtransactions or after sale income probably do need the price increase. Otherwise their business justification decreases and risk increases, meaning we will see less and less of them. (at least in the AAA realm) Sadly, that is a VERY small subset of all games, and works to the benefit of these other bums also.

plmkoh46d ago

I would pay $100, $200, $300 to my favorite devs if I could but have bought several copies to do so.

All that money and not a cent has every been paid to Activision in the last 11 years. You can add EA Games to that list as well. I don't subscribe to any of those subscriptions and so I don't support them in any way possible that they could get trickle in funds.

So nope, you guys buying the microtransactions here are the problem. $70 is peanuts to me and I have zero reason to apologize for your inability to divide right from wrong.

But yes keep telling yourself that the $70 price tag is problem.

utopiancat46d ago (Edited 46d ago )


They should have lowered the price to $20 they might even make more money as more people buy the games. By increasing the price they are only going to sell less. As it is I haven't paid more than $20 for games for years because i just wait for them to go on sale.

Of course the reality is instead of charging less and selling more what they actually want st to eliminate used sales by getting the industry to go digital only then they can charge whatever they want and maintain high prices indefinitely when they no longer have to compete with resale.

Blank46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Of course they don’t make enough. That’s why they lay people off and as to why the industry can be a revolving door. It’s a damn shame to those that want to blindly defend the price hike. These companies are doing what the movie industry drools to have over their staff. The voice actors guild got that pre-emptive strike in. It’s a damn shame that the developers get put down on having their own proper unions from being built.

Rebel_Scum46d ago

Pretty cynical comment. Justified for this type of game for sure but for a game tht doesnt have MT’s?

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HaveAsandwich46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

70 dollar games. totally reasonable.

lodossrage46d ago

I hope that person that disagreed just didn't catch the sarcasm.

BenRC0146d ago

This latest one is crap. The maps are terrible. Gun play and audio is brilliant, just dull to play.

_Decadent_Descent46d ago

I'm so disgusted with consumers who keep perpetuating this shit.

Hitman00746d ago

But they are soo poor they have to layoff staff and the CEO 100 million bonus not even his salary so they had to raise game prices because they are so hard done bye FK this company of Scumbags 💩💩

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