Xbox holiday commercial stars cute dogs, oh and Master Chief

Microsoft has released its holiday commercial, and it’s rather cute.The commercial shows a dog being ignored by the family as it busies itself with Halo, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Minecraft, and Microsoft Teams.Sad about being ignored, the poor doggie falls asleep and starts dreaming of playing around in Minecraft, flying a plane, and going on Teams …

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Atticus_finch42d ago

Poor dogs, they must not have a ps5.

Sitdown42d ago

Good one, you should go into more Microsoft related articles and show them the beauty of your wit.

Atticus_finch42d ago

Good one, you should keep replying to every comment where im making a joke.

Sitdown42d ago

My apologies, I would like to, but I don't have all the free time that you do in which to troll. I'll try and do my best though when I can. Thanks for the invitation.

drunkenspy00742d ago

good commercial, but more sad - about a family neglecting their dog

jones5939d ago

it's kinda cute to see the poor pooch fall asleep and start dreaming about playing minecraft, flying a plane and making a team call with other puppies.