Astro’s Playroom designer says he’d consider an expansion or sequel, but no plans are decided

The designer behind Astro’s Playroom, the platformer bundled with all PS5 consoles, has said he would consider an expansion or sequel, but currently there are no plans and much will depend on the popularity of the game.

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SullysCigar904d ago

Astro Bot sold great (in context) and is amazing on PSVR. Now he's a megastar thanks to everyone falling in love with him on PS5, it's all but certain they'll make a sequel to launch PSVR 2. I'll be there day ONE!

ArchangelMike904d ago

I think it's time for Sony to campion Astro as an ofiicial Playstation mascot, adn let the poor guy have his own full fledged game. So far it Astro's really has been relegated to being just a glorified tech demo for Sony platforms. Give the little guy a full on AAA adventure.

SullysCigar904d ago

Astro Bot Rescue Mission on PSVR is one of the best VR games on ANY platform and one of the best platformers ever made. I agree with your sentiment, but anyone thinking his VR outing is a glorified tech demo is plain wrong lol

I loved it so much, it was the first game I bothered to platinum - and I played nothing else until that platinum trophy popped, such was my addiction! Sure, I wish it was longer, but that's just becuase it was great, not because it was short - if you haven't completed the challenge levels yet, do yourself a favour and go do it, because (for me) that's the best part of the game and a huge chunk of the overall play time!

toxic-inferno904d ago

Anything with more Astrobot is fine by me! A full sequel would be an instant purchase though!

Rimeskeem904d ago

I could only imagine playing the story of the history of playstation and having boss fights against Nintendo and Xbox LUL

Atticus_finch904d ago

Do not sleep on Astrobot, it is really good.

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