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Cyberpunk 2077: 43.5GB Update on Day One for PS4

A gamer with early access to the game has posted a photo showing the Day One patch size for the PS4.

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Christopher91d ago
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Community91d ago
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ProLogY91d ago

I'll save you the click, here are the full patch notes as presented on the website:

Various gameplay improvements
Various stability fixes
Various performance fixes
Various features added

seanpitt2391d ago

45gb patch that’s like a whole game haha I don’t know what the next gen consoles are going to do with the small ssd drives

MrNinosan91d ago

As it is a PS4/Xone game, I and many with me will just install it on an external drive.

JEECE91d ago

But guys if you buy the disc you'll own the game and still be able to play it on your PS4 in 2077 after psn shuts down and you can't download it anymore.

AnnaDea91d ago

Year 2077 we will have the game uploaded into our brains as free dlc...

phoenixwing91d ago

that's when i check out of gaming, nobody is inserting me into the matrix lol

Levii_9291d ago

Digital sucks .. and it’s for lazy people. Get over iiiiiiitttttttt 😏

JEECE91d ago

Lol you won't have the real version of the game without a digital download. Get over it (you will automatically once everything is digital).

Levii_9290d ago

That’s because developers are lazy today and don’t ship full games at launch which is pathetic.. glad to see people supporting this just because of convenience and laziness. 👍🏻

I wonder will you feel embarrassed one day when you realise that physical copies won’t ever go away ? Or will you not give a f**k just like now.

northpaws91d ago

I did full physical for PS4... my launch games arrived 3 days late for my PS5, instead of waiting, I bought spiderman and DS digitally, now I am full digital...

I know I will lose access to it if one day the server goes down completely, but I will probably be playing PS7 by that time.

The biggest benefits so far for me is... switch games quicker and even more quiet because the disc spin is relatively loud to the now super quiet PS5.

TheScotsman91d ago

Yeah you will but I'm still playing my PS3 games even now via downloading online, so god only knows. Hard copies are a waste of resources and the amount of old games and boxes disposed of every year is horrendous and is destroying our planet.

Stanjara91d ago

Old boxes destroy our planet?
How about distribution?
Airplane fuel!?

Motion91d ago

As an old PC gamer who plays PS4 quite a bit as well - When Steam first came out everyone was up in arms about the online DRM and digital downloads. I bought mostly physical games but the occasional digital game when Steam had a good sale. 16 year later, guess what- I don't know where a single disk I ever owned is now, but I have a Steam library with hundreds of games I don't even have time to play. So much for physical copies (my own bad, I know). For me at least, I see PS going the same way. I have a HUGE library between sales and PS Plus. Don't remember the last time I bought a disk. Still debating between the disk and digital version of PS5, but I am an /r/patientgamers so I'm not sure I'll ever bother buying a disk again.

XxINFERNUSxX91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Companies don't seem to ship a complete game anymore. It's like you bought the car but the seats will be installed tomorrow or next week LOL

AnnaDea91d ago

You should see all the glitches speedrunners uses in retro games.

Day 1 patches has the pro ability to fix things in the game that would delay the game longer. The drawback is that devs relies too much on it.


Yeah, I see day 1 patches to me as being a rushed game. If it was 100% ready it wouldn't need a patch :D I don't mind waiting longer for a finished game.

TheScotsman91d ago

Exactly day one patches are because Devs have to get to production to meet release dates. If there was no physical copies there would never be a day one patch as it would be available patched

Grilla91d ago

I just completed God of War on ps5, was using the unpatched disk version to run it at 4k 60. I was really surprised, no bugs, crashes or glitches. SSM shipped a fully finished game on the disk.

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