Batman Arkham Knight Update 1.15 December 3 Brings Free Goodies

Rocksteadyhas rolled out the Batman Arkham Knight update 1.15 December 3 patch, and it brings some yuletide freebies for gamers!

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masterfox156d ago

How about a 60 fps patch for next gen consoles also?, I been playing this on my PC with at almost a locked 60 fps with high physics with a 1060 gtx 6GB in full HD , it would be very easy for next gen consoles to run at this framerate even at 4k, heck how about 8k too ? :D seriously Im so damn impressed with my PS5, effing love it!!!!

Nitrowolf2156d ago

that would be awesome if they updated it with a unlock fps option. I don't see them doing it, but who knows they're still updating it

Christopher156d ago

Unless it's capped at 30fps (not sure on this one), it will get the upgrade to 60fps on both. If it's capped, then they'd need to patch and I would assume (here's me making an ass of just me?) this might include that as well?

Mr Logic156d ago

It is capped at 30, hence masterfox asking about a 60fps patch. C'mon guy, this isn't rocket science.

Christopher155d ago

Thanks for the knowledge, Mr Logic.

bouzebbal155d ago


That's why he's asking for a "patch", to uncap from 30fps. 😯

Yi-Long155d ago

I'd love this, but sadly they haven't even bothered to give the game an 'Enhanced for XBO X' patch when XBO X came out, which is a shame, because the base XBO (S) ran this game on 900p or something, compared to 1080p on PS4. So many XBO owners were hoping the developers would at least work in some patch to increase/improve that.

CobraKai156d ago

Wait. Weren’t those costumes already available? Or was it paid and now free?

Mr Logic156d ago

Weren't paid. They were rewarded for linking to WBID. Since that is removed from the game, they would have become unobtainable. Hence, free.

155d ago
Wrex369155d ago

Can't believe it's still getting support that's a good thing in any form I suppose.

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