Cyberpunk 2077 Reveals Global Release Times & “Cybernight” Official Launch Party

Today CD Projekt RED had a few interesting reveals dedicated to its massively-anticipated RPG Cyberpunk 2077.

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phoenixwing49d ago

Dec 9 for north america. Too bad it'll take my slow internet a few days to download

Games1st49d ago

Preload is a few days before

CrimsonIdol49d ago

yes. earlier than the others by a few hours too

mudakoshaka49d ago

@phoenixwing the twitter page image has preload info on the bottom. December 7th preload starts, and GOG will get it 5 hours earlier than Epic and Steam

phoenixwing49d ago

Thanks a bunch for the info that makes me feel good for my gog pre order :)

mudakoshaka49d ago

You are welcome :) It took me a while to find it on the image. Can't understand why they would put THAT info so it is not easily discerned. Almost as important as the game itself.

phoenixwing49d ago

Yeah I usually read articles but twitter I'm not too savvy with and just check out the first post

Sayai jin48d ago

Hmmm, you can predownload on Xbox consoles now. I haven't tried on my PS5s yet, but I am sure PS can as well.

mudakoshaka48d ago

I think PS will get preload 2 days before release. Xbox got it already because of the marketing deal I would guess.

notachance49d ago

anyone knows if there's a preload time for PC?
my slow-ass internet is gonna take at least a full day to download this game

demonseye48d ago

comments that were posted 2 hours before you already answered those questions considering there are only 10 comments and that is the top one. you didnt need to ask this.

notachance48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

believe it or not the reply wasnt there when i asked it, even though the timestamp is earlier than me