Opinion: Nintendo shutting down The Big House 2020 is heartless

For those of you who haven’t heard, Nintendo issued a cease and desist to The Big House. What’s that? For the past nine years, it’s one of the biggest Smash Bros. competitions, usually held in Michigan. This year they were going to run their Melee tournament online this month via emulators with the use of “Slippi,” a brand new tool that essentially implements high-quality tournament-ready rollback netcode into the game.

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Inverno539d ago

Is there any way it could be done without any money being involved? Just for the love and sport of it? Nintendo can't stop the competitive scene from having fun for fun sake

--Onilink--539d ago

I mean, it was a tournament whose whole basis was running the game on emulators using pirated and modified copies of a game.... how did anyone expect it to actually go through?

DarkKaine539d ago

It's their IP and content, they can decide whatever users do with it.
They're just getting their ass kicked by a team that made rollback netcode for the best Smash entry and Nintendo's incompetence with their horrible input lag and netcode is now exposed.
This is what happens when a 19 year old game has more twitch viewers than your latest entry on avarage. Why actually have a proper online service and a good game when you can just send C&D's and pretend Melee doesn't exist. Nintendo fucking sucks, and has sucked ever since the Wii. EAD makes some good games, but that's pretty much it. Definitely not supporting this company anymore.

CrimsonWing69539d ago

I mean it comes off a bit corporate greedy. People making money off hosting a Smash Tournament, but at some point they have to look at that as exposure. I’m sure people would want to go out and buy the game from partaking in the event. It’s not like these things happen all the time, right?

CorndogBurglar539d ago

Eh...maybe. But I would think almost everyone going to a Smash Brothers specific tournament would already have the game.