The Last of Us Part II: Explore Abby’s story in new trailer

Naughty Dog shares a new trailer that focuses on Abby’s emotional story in The Last of Us Part II.

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RaidenBlack45d ago

Man ... I nearly thought this was the TLOU II's PS5 graphics enhancement blog.
Maybe Q1 2021?

S2Killinit45d ago

Haha it looks next gen for sure. I dont know how ND does this.

RaidenBlack45d ago

Could've easily passed off as a next-gen game.

spicelicka45d ago

30 fps is the key, only noticeable current gen aspect of it.

S2Killinit45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

If that was all there was to it, every game should look like ND games. But nice attempt at downplay.

bouzebbal45d ago

Sequel has no story.. I honestly don't understand how people enjoyed playing this garbage..

S2Killinit45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

It was an amazing story like we’ve seldom, if ever, had in gaming. Its just that it was too mature of some people and it was too far from others’ world view to like. But to say it was “garbage” smells like bias. I give ND props for sticking to the story they wanted to say.

ABizzel145d ago (Edited 45d ago )

The same way we don't understand how most of you throw fits because the game didn't unfold in a way you wanted it to.

The story was about revenge, growth, and forgiveness. It wasn't a journey like the original game.

The only thing I can say about the story is that a nonlinear narrative while great for books didn't translate well to many gamers, because that's the root cause of much of the outrage, and unfortunately many people can't stick with this style of writing in most mediums outside of books.

I can guarantee you most of the people complaining about the writing rarely read anything outside of a blog or social media post, because this is a common writing practice in books.

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SullysCigar45d ago

That and the Factions game - I want them SO bad!

Darthpaul8445d ago

I agree! I really missed factions when part two released. That would be the main factor in me rating part one better. Factions is still great and will buy the inevitable part 2 next generation game for full price if factions is part of it

P_Bomb45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Need a Factions trailer!

Re. Abby...the way they destroy her by the end (mind, body, soul), I thought would’ve set some minds at ease. Quite the transformation at the beach, pulling one from the Bale/ Hanks/ Leto/ McConaughey playbook.

VerminSC45d ago

Still the best looking game out currently.

SullysCigar45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

You just know when that PS5 patch drops next year it will wipe the floor with anything on the new gen consoles.

Atticus_finch45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Major yes Demons souls looks really good but TLoU2 is still a more technical game. Mo cap, sound, voice acting, animations and controls in TLoU2 are unmatched. The ps5 upgrade couldn't get here soon enough.

VerminSC45d ago

Majorlazer I’m playing demons souls right now and it is very impressive, but tlou2 definitely has it beat.

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Kyizen45d ago

I am sure it is coming along with multiplayer if they are making new trailers

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rpvenom45d ago

Man forgot how good this game looks

shabz66645d ago

I wanna play it again. I get goosebumps seeing this. Moments like this reminds me why I love videogames.

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LucasRuinedChildhood45d ago ShowReplies(4)
SullysCigar45d ago

One thing's for sure, you can't knock the emotion Naughty Dog get into their games. The performance capturing is just so good. Proper intense stuff!

ArchangelMike45d ago

Absolutely fantastic.

THAT'S the trailer they should have released at launch, instead of the one trying to make it look like Joel was playable throughout the game. Neil Druckman should have just been honest from the start about the story arc, it would have caused much less controversy.

That trailer makes me want to go play the game again.

SamPao45d ago

I like it when they deceive me tbh its not a negative. So they can shock me more. go ahead I dont care :P

Atticus_finch45d ago

I feel like it was fair because fans are smart and it's easy to make guess on what trailers show or not. And It's much better than the opposite where the trailer shows way too much.

RgR44d ago

You like to be deceived?

The perfect citizen for communist countries!

shabz66645d ago (Edited 45d ago )



Nah man, that experience of waking up as Abby after trying to hunt her ass down and feeling so angry and frustrated when I’m controlling her for the first time and then thinking man this manny fella seems alright, and eventually leading to empathizing with Abby by the end, and wishing Ellie would just stop. All of those moments work only when you go in thinking this is a Joel / Ellie story.

The counter of that is when you wake up as Abby some people couldn’t get past what she did to Joel no matter what. And hated half the game for it. This trailer would have softened the blow for them.

BenRC0145d ago

And thats perfectly fine too. The rabid fanboys wouldn't listen to any criticism of this game. I didn't like the abby part at all, tlou was all about Joel for me (being a father of a similar age) and I was gutted with how the story turned out. But you know what? That's OK. There were a lot of us appreciated what nd did but just didn't like the way things turned out.

shabz66645d ago (Edited 45d ago )


Dude yes totally get you. This was a divisive game. This was not a safe sequel to make. Totally get this was not the sequel you wanted. But it was for me. Sony and naughty dog showed brass balls green lighting this sequel. Sony in particular deserves a lot of credit for allowing this to happen.

Think of all those games that get focus tested and get churned out like an algorithm. Like from ea like anthem. For me Tsushima feels like that. It’s a game that came out of a lab that checked the boxes and felt safe and dated to me, when I finished it I just shrugged and moved on and haven’t thought about it since. But it’s running for goty this year.

So Different people can have different opinions about things and like you said it’s totally okay. Lol.

jukins45d ago

Exactly i at first hated playing as Abby i wanted her dead but after learning why she did what she did I didn't know how to feel. Still kinda wanted ellie to finish her off though

shabz66645d ago



Ellie would have turned into a full on villain if she had though.

-Foxtrot45d ago

“ Ellie would have turned into a full on villain if she had though”

Oh but slaughtering a shit load of people to get to Abby, even accidentally stabbing a pregnant woman was totally fine

“Yeah those 100 or so people you killed, some probably more innocent than you, to avenge you father figure who was brutally killed is fine but if you kill your main target Abby who kind of deserves it, you’re a baaaaaaad person”


rdgneoz345d ago

@shabz666 GoT feeling safe and dated? It had amazing combat, sound, visuals, environment, content (even free co-op mode), and a story of a period that has never been done in gaming and not really told in cinema (Mongol invasion - most do Nobunaga / warring states time frame).

As for brass balls to green light the sequel, the first made a ton and won a ton of awards. It was common sense to green light it. Most already figured it'd follow Ellie as the first game had you control Joel. They went for the shock value of killing Joel off, then tried to make you feel sympathy for the villain. Hard to feel sympathy for someone that advocates killing little kids that throw rocks at soldiers and sleeps with someone who's partner is pregnant...

shabz66645d ago (Edited 45d ago )


Lol, Ah yes yes I think it would be more accurate to say if Ellie had done Abby dirty then she would have turned into someone even I can’t sympathize with anymore. Since I love Ellie so much she’s allowed a pregnant kill here and there. Lol but I draw the line at Abby.


Hey like I said if you think Tsushima isn’t dated and safe then that’s fine. For me , it was a podcast game but that story was predictable from scene 1, the sekiro light combat, the obvious story, even what happens with the yunas brother (urgh so predictable) and the assassins creed checklist of stuff to do. Outposts for fast travel, gear hidden around the world and ronin boss fights all of this felt like it was made in a lab. But like I said different people different opinions and it’s totally okay.

Sony has Brass balls for green lighting THIS sequel. Tlou2 sequel was definitely happening but THIS game , THIS story , this was a gamble.

RgR44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

It's not about getting past it. All people could get past it as it wasn't hard to see what they were trying to do.

The problem me and others had was that it is pointless. It fails to drive the story. Abby shows no regret. And Ellie's and Abby's actions throughout make no sense either.

It would've been better to transform ellie into this scary badass. That would've made more sense. Revenge should've taken place. At least in some serious way.

shabz66644d ago


Ah that sucks it didn’t land for you.

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ziggurcat45d ago

"THAT'S the trailer they should have released at launch, instead of the one trying to make it look like Joel was playable throughout the game."

There was literally nothing that indicated that Joel was "playable throughout the game" - in fact, if you watch the very first trailer when they announced the game, it clearly implies Joel's demise as he was obviously a ghost/figment of Ellie's rage-induced imagination.

"Neil Druckman should have just been honest from the start about the story arc, it would have caused much less controversy."

Not really. People would have cried foul just as much. Also, why would you advocate that devs spoil critical parts of the story before the game is released?

dadavis199245d ago

I wouldn't say it was 'obvious' per se... but yeah, my first thought when Joel appeared in the initial trailer was "damn.. Joel is probably dead and this a figment of Ellie's imagination :("

Not sure how more people didn't pick up on that.

ArchangelMike45d ago

I don't mean spoli the game. Not in terms of revealing that Joel dies or anyting like that, but more just interms of the conflict between Ellie and Abby.

oof4645d ago

@dadavis1992: LOL. Touche

Christopher45d ago

I absolutely get why they kept out the Abby stuff, but I completely agree with not hinting at playing or having Joel along for the ride.

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anast45d ago

Still playing. It's a great game.

gamer944d ago

When you say still playing, does this mean you just started recently, or do you replay the campaign? Serious question as I don't replay linear story campaigns, and i'm curious if this is what others do.