PlayStation Store Purchases Will No Longer be Tax Free in Canada Starting Next Year

Canadians haven't had to pay tax on PlayStation Store digital purchases due to a loophole, but this deal will soon be going away.

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NecrumOddBoy43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Can’t hide from the socialist overlords forever northern gamers... pidder padder 😒

soggyfalcon43d ago

Socialist Overlords?

Feeling a bit over dramatic?

Name a major country that you don't have to pay taxes on digital goods? Every European country I know of and Japan, America, Russia and Mexico all tax digital goods in some way.

RazzerRedux43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

The US does not have a national sales tax. Sales taxes are implemented at the local level. I have never had to pay tax on digital goods where I live.

But yes, that "socialist overlord" nonsense is indeed overly dramatic.

anast42d ago

It just started here in Mexico not too long ago. First, it started with the paypal transferring system, then it got into gaming, which sucks because gaming in Mexico is a seriously expensive hobby with all things considered.

akurtz43d ago

You know taxes are a scam when they’re taxing digital goods. Almosy every single service/prodcut/goods is taxed.

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JackBNimble42d ago

No kidding, our far left wanna be dictator is bring Canadians to our knees.

DarXyde42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

As world leaders go, Justin Trudeau is left of outright conservatism, but I would not call him "far left" at all—not even a leftist, really. Trudeau is "on the left" the same way that Joe Biden and AOC are both Democrats. They're labels, and they've lost their meaning.

Far left would be people like Evo Morales or Luis Ignacio Lula De Silva. People might even say Jeremy Corbyn or Bernie Sanders, but that's really if you're just looking at North American politics and applying it to Corbyn.

Sayai jin42d ago

Off topic, politicians have fooled so many. They have many arguing over the most ridiculous things that are not even politically related. Stop.

The taxes were eventually going to come. You guys ae lucky you aren't paying a Value Added Tax around 19% like in Germany.

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Iceball200043d ago

Canada, land of the TAX!!! (I’m Canadian and sick of all this tax, tax, tax.) 13% on everything were I am.

Storm2343d ago

As an American that is now becoming a Canadian, I have no problem with the taxes. Free health care is awesome and has been great in my experience.

SmokinAces43d ago

You get what you pay for. I've heard a lot of Canadians say the health care although free is pretty awful.

Kratos_Kart200743d ago

@smokinaces Our healthcare is amazing...

Storm2342d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Not my experience at all. 2 family members with cancer. Immediate treatment and both in remission. Good friend a persistent sore throat, right in to see a doctor then specialist. General doc appointment quick and easy

RauLeCreuset42d ago


Some struggle to appreciate the value of something unless it's excluded from others.

42d ago
Storm2342d ago

Not in BC. It is completely free. The NDP made it that way...And that sucks for your friend. Hasn't ben my experience at all.

JackBNimble42d ago

Ya get in line buddy , you'll be waiting months for a simple MRI.

Storm2342d ago

Last year, my neighbor turned their knee really badly chopping wood and got an MRI the next week.

RazzerRedux42d ago

It is not free. Those doctors and nurses don't work for free. The equipment they use isn't free. The costs to keep hospitals running isn't free. Tax money coming from tax payer pockets pays for these things Now I'm not saying that is a good or bad thing. That is debatable. But it isn't free.

42d ago
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Ratchet7543d ago

Be glad not to have to remortgage your house when you get sick.

ANIALATOR13643d ago

UK is 20% think yourself lucky

Shane Kim43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

In Sweden, we pay like 30% income tax and another 20% on goods minus alcohol, tobacco and gas wich is more.

BattleCat43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

13 is this a joke? In germany we pay 19%

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Deathdeliverer43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

You guys realize that they have to charge tax anywhere they have a actual store. I wasn’t paying taxes on PSN for years in Houston Texas. Then bam, taxes. Sony has a actually place somewhere out there now apparently.

blu3print43d ago

The senders address on my PS4 camera adapter was somewhere in Texas

njitram200043d ago

Then let's hope they don't put a store in Alaska so that I as a European can continue to get more decent prices at $60 XD
(70 - 80 euros in Europe is insane)

RazzerRedux42d ago

It depends on the state. I can buy digital content on GameStop right now tax free.

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