Gravity Rush, Silent Hill, and Siren Veterans Reveal Bokeh Game Studio After Leaving Sony

Today it was announced that a new studio was founded by developers who recently left Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio.

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phoenixwing43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I hope they make a rpg. I know it's selfish but that's the kind of game I enjoy the most and would buy day one to support them. If it's a horror game then I'll have to wait for their game that comes after that.

Abriael43d ago

I hope they make whatever Sony didn't allow them to make, and whatever it is, even with indie resources, it'll likely get more marketing than Gravity Rush 2 got.

Knushwood Butt43d ago

Loved the first Gravity Rush. Got the platinum on Vita and then PS4. Also have an unopened PS4 limited edition copy that comes with a Kat figure.

Gravity Rush 2 bored me to death and I couldn't get more than a few hours into it.

phoenixwing43d ago

I bought both gravity rush games. They're good games which got ,as you stated, no marketing.

AspiringProGenji43d ago


That’s strange to me since GR2 had way more content, more variety with side content, bigger story, and new nice gameplay additions. I actually enjoyed GR2 way more because of it.

Knushwood Butt43d ago

@ Aspiring

I tried twice to get into it but it didn't happen. Still have it thanks to Plus so maybe one day!

43d ago
Abriael43d ago

@Zeeb: "Gravity Rush 2 got plenty of marketing" in your dreams. It was released in the west with almost zero fanfare.

utopiancat43d ago

I remember seeing the PS4 TV commercials for it. And what was bigger than E3? The PlayStation youtube has dozens of promotional videos and all the European PlayStation sites have their own ads and commercials in in native languages.

Where did anyone say they weren't being allowed to make the games they wanted?

Are you sure you're not just trying to throw shade at Sony?

Abriael43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

What you remember seeing was literally nothing compared to the marketing and promotion Sony's western games usually get.

The undeniable truth is that the only things they've had Japan Studio to do over the latest several years is either support for other studios or minigames to showcase their tech.

Sony does a fantastic job at pushing and supporting its western studios, but they have sidelined their Japanese studio and developers in a way that is almost criminal, just as they have sidelined Shu Yoshida from the top of the Worldwide Studios to the sidelines of indies and VR.

Sonic-and-Crash43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

...i hope Abriael you r wrong here we dont know what really happens inside Japanese industry saddens me also that may a sideline is apparent ...but is Game creator s fault also that are not willing to develop in new engines or next gen games and they all stick to Switch

Abriael43d ago

There's a reason why some devs have jumped to the Switch, and it's not because "it's their fault."

bouzebbal43d ago (Edited 43d ago )


Exactly same here.. GR2 was better looking but should have been a vita title still.

Excited to hear share this studio comes up with. Siren was so scary

Knushwood Butt43d ago

I found this review that rang true for me.

'Unfortunately, Gravity Rush 2 doesn't compare to the original. It's opening hours are way too slow and the story lacks substance, failing to hold our interest throughout its runtime. The game's still a lot of fun and the open world is dripping with atmosphere, yet it lacks the magic that made the first game so memorable.'.

I never made it past the first few hours. Kat was the star of the first game but at the start of the sequel she's relegated to some grunt doing menial tasks for a boss that she doesn't like.

That's hardly a recipe for escapism.

RavenTears43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

It probably would be successful as a Vita game especially that Gravity Rush 2 original was announced for the Vita. I remember how a lot of the Vita community didn't bother buying it for the PS4 at the time because it was a middle finger to them. I only enjoy Gravity Rush 1 because I was able to play it on the go so I never thought of getting the sequel for PS4.

soggyfalcon43d ago


You're really putting in work to discredit Sony. Even denying the factual evidence that Sony did in fact market the crap out of the game all over the world.

*slow clap*

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Sonic-and-Crash43d ago

probably is Sony s idea ...lot of Japan Devs begin from Sony Studio as they give them exerience to start their own initiatives....Sony probably is the good guy they want to help ressurect Japan Game industry

RazzerRedux43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Why couldn't they have helped accomplish that working directly for Sony? I don't see Sony as the "good guy" here. Frankly, I think they have taken Japan Studio for granted and this is the result.

galmi43d ago

keep shilling for them its okay

Whitey2k43d ago

As sony stated instead of buying more studios u get elite devs and and writers leaving from an experienced company to form new studios which sony could probably buy later at a good price

shepherdzeMan43d ago

0:36 --- Fuck you?
I think he said it to Sony

Stanjara43d ago

Nice, good people! Wish them success in their new endeavor.

DarXyde43d ago

Oh man, Toyama left Japan Studio?

That's a bit disheartening. LOVED his work while at the studio. The original Silent Hill is somewhat legendary to my youth (though I have a difficult time deciding between that and Silent Hill 2). Siren however was a totally different beast and I've really been itching for a new one. Blood Curse was awesome, though it's kind of a remake/ reimagining. I just love Toyama's approach to horror.

Gravity Rush is my second favorite Vita game and I spent a ton of time with Gravity Rush 2. Even Platinumed all of the games, including the PS4 remaster.

I really wish everyone departing all the best. If they need money for a project and starts a crowdfunding campaign, I'll happily throw money at them.

Extermin8or3_42d ago

If they need money the obvious place for them to turn us infact Sony. Will be interesting to see if they end up making an exclusive or making multiplatforn titles. Its very much unclear to me given the video is only in Japanese if they left on good terms with Sony or if they left due to a falling out/disagreement?

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