PS5: Why Single-Player Games Are Integral to Sony's Next-Gen Console

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lifeisgamesok43d ago

Single player games are everything. Sony will always get my money as long as they keep making strong single player games

Jin_Sakai43d ago

I like both single player and multiplayer but having great single players games is a must.

bouzebbal41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

SP is what gaming is about.. Multi is fun sometimes, but will never replace a full blown story, gameplay and locale characters.
We had multiplayer mode in god of war, it was laughable against the main game

Army_of_Darkness41d ago

I've started gaming since the NES days, so I definitely have a soft spot for single player games and it will never go away.

Father__Merrin41d ago

I like a mixture of single and multi

Witchcraft41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Hopefully Sony will diversify and make some multiplayer games. I enjoyed Warhawk and Motorstorm. Ooh, and Resistance 2 and Killzone 2.

Knightofelemia41d ago

I prefer single player games immerse yourself into the lore of the game relate to the character. Sony had put some of their games online like Uncharted I just stuck to the single player part of the game tried it online once never went back online. I honestly don't do a lot of online gaming co-op I like doing like Gears 2 or RE6 even though that game is crap it was fun to co-op with a friend. I use to play a lot of COD free for all and capture the flag horde mode in Gears of War I just lost interest and went back to single player.

Stanjara41d ago

Single player games are timeless.

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