Sea of Thieves Announces Seasons & More for 2021; Over 11 Million Players Played in 2020

Today Rare and Microsoft published a video in which the developers of Sea of Thieves discussed several aspects of the game.

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potatoseal51d ago

One of my friends played the game for about 10 minutes and then quit. Is he counted in this 11 million?

EmperorDalek51d ago

Of course, why wouldn't he be?

potatoseal51d ago

I wasn't sure what the specifics were that's all.

Eonjay51d ago

Agreed. Their statement is correct.

Eidolon51d ago

Player numbers always bloated.

Zhipp51d ago

Unique monthly users is the most accurate metric for how many players a game actually has. That said, if there were 11milion unique players in the year, you're definitely not going to need to worry about finding someone to play with. The monthly player count is probably still in the millions.

Eidolon51d ago

Not going to have an issue find someone who just downloaded it from gamepass and is just fucking around. I agree. No problem there.

porkChop51d ago

Why wouldn't they be? This is the total number of players, not the MAU.

NeoGamer23251d ago

People keep saying this but the number of players keeps going up....

And LOL.... You do realize that not everyone buys a game and plays it end to end when they get it. I know lots of people that buy games and play them for 10 minutes and give up. Souls games are notorious for acquiring then not playing... Racing games, tons of people buy them and only go through a single race or two. Open world games like GTA and Red Dead... Same. They still count everyone who plays those games.

(PS: I played Sea of Thieves for about 20 minutes and haven't played it since... Not my type of game, but I can see how it would appeal to more casual online gamers)

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Harryvok51d ago

I wanted to like this game, but as a predominantly solo player of video games, there's just nothing to do in Sea of Thieves.

Oh a cave! Empty.

Ohhhhhh, an island! Empty.

Loot??? Nope.

Fetch quests for currency was all i could find.

Can understand how this could be fun for some people who like to play in groups, but I got bored very quickly.

porkChop51d ago

Yeah it's definitely built for co-op play. It wouldn't be nearly as fun for most solo players.

Zhipp51d ago

It's an inherently co-op focused game, yes. That's unfortunately why I haven't played it myself. I'm interested in the concept, but my gaming time is too irregular to really get the most out of a game like this at the moment.

Harryvok51d ago

The mechanics and graphcis are very solid. There's just no 'real' quests and all 'loot' is just cosmetics. Would have loved this if it were a more traditional RPG/MMO style game.

Sirk7x51d ago

It's incredibly fun with friends, not so much solo.

Ratchet7551d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Sea of thieves is actually a fun game now but did not launched that way.

SpineSaw51d ago

I was one of their "over 11million players to play " Sea of Thieves in 2020. I played for a couple of hours got bored and have never gone back and very unlikely to ever do so. I bet there's about 5million other gamers with the same story that in 2020 they played for a couple hours left and never went back.

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