Cyberpunk 2077 — Photo Mode Trailer

Why you should care about customising your character.

Say cheese!

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Si-Fly49d ago

Not long now punks 👊🏻

ArchangelMike49d ago

I hate getting overhyped for games. It nearly always leads to a level of dissatisfaction when the game doesn't live up to my sky high expectations. With Cyberpunk though, I'm desperately trying to keep a cool head - but my goodness, my hype levels are already through the roof.

Dissidia49d ago

Agreed. This game has the most hype in recent memory

LordoftheCritics49d ago

The photo mode is more in depth than many games.

SDuck49d ago

Only ever felt hype for 3 other games (GTA5, RDR2 & DMC5) and my goodness they don't even compare to my hype for this game! I was never let down by any of those games though and been able to evaluate how a game will be before release (I saw No Man's Sky for what it is while my friends were hyped for it, for example) so I'm pretty convinced this will be a contender for game of this gen.!

ArchangelMike49d ago

I remember the hype that was behind Mass Effect 3, that was on another level, probably more than Cyberpunk actually. But it led to the massive backlash because of the ending of that game.

jbull49d ago

Potential for modders to add a third person mode?