Buying Video Games at Launch Has Become a Punishing Waste of Money

COG writes: Games have risen in price with the new generation of consoles. But as games continue to re-release with additional content and upgraded presentation, are they still worth the price of admission at first launch?

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phoenixwing51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I disagree. Getting a game day one is relegated to good games that you want to support by paying full price. Everything else is a sale. Also I game on pc so remasters aren't a problem anymore.

Yi-Long51d ago

Sadly, the number of Developers/games I 'want to support on Day 1' has severely diminished these last few years.
The 3 I can think of, this past gen, have been No Man's Sky (Day 1, 50-60 bucks), The Witcher 3, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

To begin with The Witcher 3, these are devs I absolutely trust to do us consumers right, when it comes to value-for-money, post-launch support, and not nickel & diming us. I consider them the example of how those in this industry SHOULD be.

Red Dead Redemption 2: I knew it would be a stand-alone big SP adventure. I also knew there would be the Online part of it, which IS nickel & dime stuff, but I've never really been interested in that portion of the game. I bought it Day 1, knowing what I'd get from the SP Campaign, which was amazing and absolutely worth the full price.

No Man's Sky I also bought Day 1, because I knew what I was getting, and although developers truly did receive a whole lot of flack, I did feel I got what I expected on Day 1. I always knew there was a risk of boredom setting in after a few days and visiting a few planets, but when it was announced I loved the art style and respected the ambition, and I wanted to support that, and I did. No regrets.

However, like I said, I can't think of many other games I went out and bought full price on Day 1, and that's usually because they're already flaunting with post-release content and nickel & dime stuff. They announce Season Passes before the game is even out, and especially with fighting games you see them leave out popular characters with the sole purpose of selling them as DLC because they know they can easily earn a few extra bucks that way. That's not how that should work. It's lazy and exploitative. Hardcore fans of the game/genre will shrug and accept it, but everyone else will simply ignore the game completely and spend their money on something else. Perhaps they'll jump back in after a few years when there's finally a complete edition, but at that point, the online will be dead of course.

It's pretty simple: If devs want customers to pay full price, then they need to stop nickel & diming us.

I bought a lot of games at launch for full price with the original Xbox and the early days of 360, but once DLC became the norm instead of the exception, I became far more hesitant about picking up these games.

At some point, it also becomes a matter of principle: For example, Tales of Berseria reviewed well. Never picked it up because they were selling a truckload of minor DLC on the side. Even when it was 3-4 bucks in a great sale 1-2 months orso ago, it was that reason that kept me from buying it.

Christopher51d ago

It really depends. Ghost of Tsushima Day One wasn't a waste at all, IMHO. And there are plenty of other games each year that are good for Day One if that's what you want.

Making generalizing comments on games that have evolved to have communities that embrace this stuff doesn't mean it's "video games."

neutralgamer199251d ago

Yes but what you are referring to are the exceptions not the rules. Let's look at facts ubi just released few games and all went on sale within days and one being watch dogs was 50% off. Any game that is releasing in September or October why people full price when you know by Thanksgiving weekend those games will be at minimum 30 to 50% off and would have received few patches

I stopped buying day one due to the fact I have a huge back catalog of games. I think every year there are some games which deserve to be bought day one but recently more and more games are launching when they are truly not ready and they need another six to 12 months of constant patches

CrimsonWing6951d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Man, I’ll tell you this: they’re making it real easy for me to want to wait on day 1 purchases by raising the price of these games.

Christopher51d ago

***Yes but what you are referring to are the exceptions not the rules. ***

What I'm doing is not generalizing. Which is what this article is doing. Generalizing doesn't help to promote the good, it just criticizes the whole.

Furthermore, most games aren't like this. Most games aren't AAA annual IP that are purchased in the millions each year.

neutralgamer199251d ago


That's true I wasn't also trying to generalize. But many of these big publishers are making it easy not to buy day one by releasing games which are clearly not finished. Hopefully price raise means better quality but it doesn't look very likely

Arikv251d ago

Yup, we get the "definitive edition" a year later with better content and patches.

Agent_00_Revan51d ago

Control is a perfect example of that for me. I got it for $20 on sale earlier this year. Then a few weeks later they announced the Complete Edition, that not only has not only both DLCs but is the only way to get the next gen upgrades. Yes that version is $40 VS the $20 I paid, but I still felt very cheated. Had I have known that was coming, I could've waited.

Stanjara51d ago

Yeah the Ultimate edition was 20$ and on generation sale now that is on psn, regular version and dlc are on sale.
I refuse to buy.
I'm not supporting this.
And the game is like an 8 max.
No where near GOTY that was pushed last year.


The complete edition was on sale for 20 a couple of weeks ago, I snagged it for the ps5 and I won't touch it until the upgrade is released.

strifeblade51d ago

and now its on gamepass. oh boy did you get screwed

neutralgamer199251d ago

I wish more publishers would do complete editions with all the content on disk. Assassin's Creed origins and Odyssey in my opinion was a huge missed opportunity by Ubisoft. They could have released both games in one package with all the DLC and charge full price for it and people would have paid. Because most of their DLC content or expansions rarely go on sale

Kavorklestein51d ago

True. But both of those games have PHENOMENAL DLC so I'm okay with them.

Yi-Long51d ago

I think Origins and Odyssey actually handled DLC okay, in that these are worthy expansions, both in terms of content and quality. Plus the full priced main games are already massive. So when we're talking about DLC and nickel & diming this past generation, I'd argue those two games didn't skimp out on content just to sell it later as DLC.

In direct comparison, Far Cry 5's Season Pass content was terrible, with 3 very lazy and mediocre separate new chapters, instantly forgettable according to most reviews. However, they did also pack in a remaster of the excellent Far Cry 3, so to be fair, while the DLC never lived up to potential/expectation, I'd argue that at least they tried to offer substantial amounts of value for money.

The only reason I bought Far Cry 5 and AC Origins on Day 1, was BECAUSE the shop offered the Gold editions for the regular price, so that made me go for these games, without hesitation, on Day 1, for 'full price'. If it wouldn't have been the complete editions (Gold), I obviously would have waited for sales, if I would have even still be interested in these games by the time the sales would come around.

Odyssey I picked up for 15 bucks orso when a local store went bust. Nice game, but I won't be buying any DLC for it.

CrimsonWing6951d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I was seriously just thinking this.

I picked up Devil May Cry V Special Edition today and I was just thinking this thing is going to be on sale in a few months. There’s nothing special about this release and it’s not like I need to have it now. I just finished Demon’s Souls and Miles and wanted a new game to play. If this were a $70 release, hell no, but it was $40 and I had $10 reward from Bestbuy so it didn’t piss me off.

Control would be the biggest example to this where I paid $70 for the Steelbook edition and bought all the DLC only for the Ultimate Edition to come out and include not only all the DLC for free, but it’s also upgradable for next-gen and it’s only $40.

phoenixwing51d ago

Whoever is the exec in charge of that decision isnt getting my money for their next game.

NeoGamer23251d ago

The reality is that there is absolutely no advantage to buying a game on day one any more.

Usually the games have bugs on day one that don't make them very fun to play. Also, they don't have all the content yet.

So, you pay $60-150 on day one to get a buggy mess and incomplete content. Wait a year, the definitive edition comes out usually from $30-60 and the game experience is complete.

To me, it seems like companies are encouraging gamers to leave day one purchasing. I used to day one purchase a lot. Now it is very rare.

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