343 Industries Answer Whether Halo and Halo 2 Can Get 4-Player Co-Op or Not

The possibility seems far-stretched.

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Sciurus_vulgaris44d ago

The campaigns for those titles weren’t designed for 4 player co-op. I personally think 2 player co-op is better than 4 player co-op, as the games don’t scale appropriately in terms of difficulty for 4 players.

43d ago
spicelicka43d ago

Does it really matter now though? Everyone has experienced it in 2 player co-op by now, it would be nice to have 4 player co-op as a feature to try out as long as it's playable.

nickanasty20643d ago

This would be cool, but things always get dicey when you try to add functionality to old games that was never its original intention. I am very impressed with all of the features that have been added like 120fps, FOV Sliders etc, so maybe 343 could do this right.

PertySlick43d ago

Aside from the technical reasons listed in this article, Bungie explained back in the day that the difficulty in those games was designed for a maximum of two players. Just adding another two players into the game would make them way too easy to run through. Both games can already be solo'd single player. Something would have to be done with the difficulty scale to make this work right on top of overcoming the technical design complications.

spicelicka43d ago

That's true, but legendary is extremely hard with 2 players. With 4 players it would seem more like heroic, which I think would be fine. Also a simple increase in enemy health and damage might work. Another issue would be ammo and vehicle segments where vehicle are only available for 2 people.