Okami HD sales numbers revealed, Switch version sold more than any other platform

As part of the recent Capcom leaks, sales data for Okami HD has been revealed.

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ZeekQuattro49d ago

Quite the achievement for a late port.

bouzebbal49d ago

Shows how bored switch owners are.. There are no games on it

septemberindecember49d ago

So good sales for games means gamers are bored now? Interesting spin.

bouzebbal49d ago

Okami is a 100 year old game.. And another port

Question_Mark49d ago

Showing your incredible ignorance once again, are you?

bouzebbal49d ago

Why? Is it a new Okami? I didn't know switch got the sequel

TGG_overlord49d ago

There are pleny of games on the Switch lol.

TheRealTedCruz49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

No; it shows how many Switch owners out there are actually buying software.
Award winning games, hardware that's been flying off the shelves for 4 years.

Don't be a biased twit.

Angyobangyo49d ago

SHOWs HOw bOREd SwiTCH OwNerS are.. tHERE Are No gameS ON iT".Lol, salty about a port selling better than the competition. Funny that a system "with no games" is about to sell 70 million units. More ridiculous comments, please!

Ratchet7548d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Wanting to replay an all time masterpiece has nothing to do with boredom.
Stop with your pathetic console wars nonsense

galmi48d ago

"Okami is a 100 year old game.. And another port"

laughs in Demon's Souls

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MetroidFREAK2149d ago (Edited 49d ago )

And seeing as the US didn't get a physical release, my girlfriend imported it and got me the Japanese version for Christmas. I wanted a physical release.

diepdiep49d ago

You’re good to go since the Japanese version includes English as well.

MetroidFREAK2149d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Exactly why I asked for it ;) Do you know it's English voices or just subtitles

diepdiep49d ago

The texts will be English. The game voices are gibberish, like what you'd hear in Animal Crossing.

MetroidFREAK2149d ago

Oh thats neat. Thanks for the information

Sirk7x48d ago

Don't ever let that one go lol.

kayoss49d ago

Why is this a surprise? The reason why the HD version sold more on the Switch is because majority of the gamers already played it before the HD version was released. Plus, the HD version was only available version on the Switch. This game was good, but it wasnt a game that warrants a rebuy to play in HD for the other consoles.

septemberindecember49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Pretty sure okami HD was the only way to play Okami on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 too. And, unless you were one of the 10M or so who own a PS2 BC's the only way to play on PS3 as well.

kayoss49d ago

Okami was originally released in 2006 on the PS2 and Wii and then remaster on the PS3. THen the HD version was released on the PS4, xbox, and switch. Majority of the people who played it either played it on the PS2 or the PS3 and Wii will most likely wont rebuy the HD version to replay it on the PS4. That leaves the majority of the HD sales to the Switch and the Xbox one.

badz14949d ago

And it was a PS+ game back on the PS3. I still have it installed on my PS3.

Just like the case with Gears5, a game given with a subs seldom appear on top of charts

septemberindecember49d ago

Those are some great numbers combined. Okami initially "underperformed" on Wii and PS2, but the HD release means that combined sales are around 3.4 million now. Not bad

Lexreborn249d ago

I was about to impressed until I clicked the link and saw what the numbers are. I thought it was going to be in the millions or something. It sold 70k more then pc and PS3 and a little closer to 170k Over PS4. But collectively in the ps environment it’s sold more on PS3 and PS4 combined.

The saddest part is seeing the Xbox one sales. That’s really sad unfortunately

Chevalier49d ago

"The saddest part is seeing the Xbox one sales. That’s really sad unfortunately"

It really is. Its funny to see Xbox fans that think Xbox fans buy games like Yakuza, Dragonquest, FF, DMC, KH, Nier or anything

Chocoburger48d ago

What's even more sad is if you look in the comments they posted sales break down for Ace Attorney and Onimusha:

The Capcom leaks also gave us the global platform sales splits of Ace Attorney Trilogy, as of Oct 2020:

> NSW: 462,395
> PC: 245,339
> PS4: 103,235
> XBO: 4,821
Total: 815,790

I found Onimusha HD's sales split as well:
> PS4: 207,453
> NSW: 111,869
> XBO: 39,802
> PC: 34,331

Damn, that's some gap!

Lexreborn248d ago

I’m not even surprised about the ace attorney franchise numbers. That franchise has been synonymous with 3DS its natural that the switch would pull higher numbers. Onimusha is sad to see but I’m willing to bet that if it was an actual mainline entry with modern controls and graphics it would’ve sold better.

This continues the trend that JUST because a game is on multiple platforms does not mean it will be successful.

Loadedklip48d ago

That's pretty good actually. Onimusha isn't anywhere near as praised as Okami nor has a true fanbase like Ace Attorney. I loved the Onimusha series personally though. I am surprised though that the PC version of Ace Attorney did better than the non Nintendo Consoles.

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