Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Control, Doom Eternal, Holiday Offer, and More

Xbox Wire:

A lot of you are new to Xbox Game Pass right now (hi everyone!) and to those of you lurking here to check out what games will be coming soon – hi to you too! We have a big list of games coming at you, and to sweeten the deal for those that haven’t tried Xbox Game Pass Ultimate yet, for a limited time starting December 3 you can get your first three months for $1! That’s all the games we already have, plus everything coming soon here below, all our Perks (like 30 days of Disney+!), and starting December 15 all the EA Play titles on PC as well. *Slaps roof of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate * You can fit a lot of games in here for just $1!

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Rocosaurus56d ago

Yes your grace is an overlooked gem. Played it on the switch and loved it.

autobotdan56d ago

Regular Control on gamepass. Not Control Ultimate edtion

LucasRuinedChildhood56d ago

In the short term it doesn't really matter but it will once the next gen version comes out early next year. The next gen version isn't a free upgrade from the standard last gen version and is only included in the Ultimate Edition which kinda sucks. Either way, Control is a good addition to the service.

Ausbo56d ago

Well control ultimate edition doesn’t come out till next year, so it’s understandable, but still a bummer

autobotdan56d ago

Control ultimate edtion does not come out till next year?? But I already own Control Ultimate edtion for my xbox one x. How is that possible??

Christopher56d ago

Control Ultimate Edition for PS5/XSX were delayed. You can definitely buy and play the Xbox One and PS4 versions.

autobotdan56d ago

I just purchased Control Ultimate edtion from the xbox black Friday sale last week and I haven't yet started it. I owned the original Control at launch last year and I was far into the game with a save deep into the game and plenty of achievements to show on my gamertag. However I stopped playing the game when I heard the unfortunate news that Control regular edition saves and achievements donot transfer to the Ultimate Edition version. So none of my saves and achievements will transfer over. I have to start the game over from the beginning again. Fun stuff

Shiken56d ago

You can buy control Ultimate Edition, but you only get the X1 version and the DLC till the upgrade is released early next year.

And of course only the base game is on gamepass, there was just a gamepass exclusive sale for 50% off to get Control Ultimate. Why would they put it on gamepass right after that?

Ausbo55d ago

It wasn’t a gamepass sale, It was in the Black Friday sale with hundreds of games. I also bought the ultimate edition, but since I have bought the dlc yet, it’s not a bad purchase for $20

alb189956d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I want to try Control. I am playing Star much to play.
At least it will give me time to wait for the optimized version of cyberpunk.

Kavorklestein56d ago

So much to play.
I am finally killing my backlog one game at a time.
Gamepass makes it even harder to whittle down the list.

Oh but wait?
I thought xbox has no games?

Ha yeah right. Too many games, not enough time, more like.

waverider56d ago

Dude, it doesnt. Old games its not the same. Thats why the topic on n4g about the series x. Gamepass is cool, very cool, but, again doesnt match the hype of playing a brand New game on your brand New console.

NotoriousWhiz55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

It really depends on your situation. If you had an xbox one, there isn't much reason to get an Xbox series (yet).

However, for those that did not have an Xbox one, I know there are lot of people trying to grab an Xbox Series who had a PS4 but no Xbox simply because with game pass they can experience all of Microsoft's previous games (that they missed out on), plus whatever 3rd party / indie titles are on there for low cost.

I'm personally undecided on Series altogether, but I'm definitely enjoying game pass on my xbox one for now. I'll probably get a PS5 before I get a Series, but that won't be until I can casually go to a retailer (website or physical store) and grab one. So probably not until sometime next year.

NeoGamer23256d ago

Personally, I have found Control to be a much lesser game then Quantum Break, which was a much lesser game then Alan Wake, which was a much lesser game then the Remedy Max Paynes.

I really love Remedy, they are unique, but I am not sure they are delivering quality over uniqueness. Before, they used to deliver uniqueness and quality.

Rocosaurus56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

@waverider You dont know what you are talking about. Gamepass releases day 1 games every month (new games). For istance Call of the sea is a day 1 release. Dragon quest is a new release on consoles other than the switch, etc. There are always brand new games on GP.

Critic4l_Strik356d ago

Control, Doom Eternal, DQXIS, 3 Months @$1? Im in

NeoGamer23256d ago

If you are on console Doom Eternal has been available for a month already.

But I am really happy for Dragon's Quest this month!

Critic4l_Strik356d ago

Im not on console, but i was gonna buy it for PC during the Steam sale, decided not to since Im getting CP2077 next week. Im excited for DQ too!. Choices, choices!!

oof4656d ago

DQ XI is going to keep me busy for awhile.

iNcRiMiNaTi55d ago

Already have Control but I wanted to try Doom Eternal. Good thing I passed on it during the steam sale, also wanna try Greedfall too

monkey60256d ago

Unto the end looks really good! Call of the Sea could be good too.

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