Why The Xbox Series X Is 2020’s Biggest Gaming Disappointment

The Xbox Series X is an impressive juggernaut, but its release has killed the excitement, and concept, of new console generations.

masterfox1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Ouch!, catchy article title.

GamerRN1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Yeah. They keep repeating these articles in hopes of getting a negative tone. It's a common tactic. Saw a lot of it last gen. You can usually tell by the no name sites, but this one from Forbes just dumb founds me

GamerRN1035d ago

I just read the article... At least he admits the PS5 is also on the same boat. So it's really a ninth gen disappointment...

I think the Pro and One X kind of made this gen feel like a small step

mikeslemonade1035d ago

No, the biggest the dissapointment is no Switch Pro still.

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SullysCigar1035d ago

They wouldn't be the first to write an article about how underwhelmed they are with the Series X.

'Just wait' doesn't really cut it this time around either, because many seem to indicate it's not just because there are no games...again...but rather than the UI being almost identical makes it feel like firing up the old Xbox from last gen - as does the controller being the same.

I haven't tried Series X as of yet, because there was such a strong consensus I didn't bother buying one, but the PS5 addresses all of those concerns and then some, with a stunning line up of games already scheduled for 2021.

The only feather Xbox had in it's cap was 'the best place to play multiplatform games' and even that's been whipped away by the PS5 thus far. Even Gamepass is already on the last gen machine and can play all new gen MS games for the next 2 years. It's just not a compelling purchase, in my opinion.

bouzebbal1035d ago

This console has no asset

Army_of_Darkness1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

"Meanwhile, Sony will release the likes of Horizon Forbidden West, God of War 2, and Gran Turismo 7 during 2021: all killer apps in their own right, and three more reasons I’ll be getting a PS5 when stock finally returns to stores."

"But without any real initial spark, and not much shining on the horizon, it’s not looking too exciting for the latest Xbox; just disappointing. After years of dominance in my own gaming life, one thing’s possible: the Series X may not be my number one come this time in 2021 "

So this guy is primarily a Xbox gamer, but sounds like he is extremely underwhelmed and disappointed by the series X due to no next gen games and actually can't wait to get his hands on the ps5 whenever it's available.... Ouch! Not looking good for the Xbox camp....

FanboysKiller1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

It's Forbes , same old garbage scenario, like gamespot on giving a bad review saying our score is not the lowest like somehow they want to distence themselves from giant bombs lower review scores but it just didn't work.

Silly gameAr1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )


It's funny that you didn't agree with the article until you thought that the PS5 was being crapped on. That pretty much shows that for xbox fans, if the xbox isn't winning, then no one is...except nintendo.

frostypants1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Forbes web presence is little more than a glorified blogging platform these days. Their standards for who writes these pieces are almost non-existent. It has almost no connection to the business magazine that built the name recognition.

Babadook71035d ago

Forbes is right this time.

Sophisticated_Chap1034d ago

The main reason why Xbox gets such negative press, is simply because it's an American company. You have the self hating American left wing gaming press, along with the rest of the world, who just want to bring down all things American. You see this with the motor vehicle industry also, as well as the alcohol industry.

UltraNova1034d ago

While the Xbox Series is definitely lacking in the exclusive department, I have to disagree with the notion that it was a failure as a new gen launch. Forbes is a joke.

Visceral891034d ago

You think the ps4 pro makes the PS5 feel like a small step??? You're an idiot. I have had a ps4 pro for 3 years, and got a PS5 a few days after launch, and it's a huge upgrade in every way, 60 fps performance modes run a lot better but also look better than ps4 pro. Optional fidelity modes with ray tracing and fast ssd load times in all modes are big upgrades. The pro was a miniscule upgrade over the base ps4. Same slow Hard drive, same amount of ram, a slightly overclocked cpu. The only thing decent was a gpu upgrade.

potatoseal1034d ago

@ GamerRN

"At least he admits the PS5 is also on the same boat. So it's really a ninth gen disappointment."

HAHAHAHA he admits nothing because HE DOESN'T OWN A PS5. He just assumed PS5 were feeling the same. NEWS FLASH... we aren't.

Dragonscale1034d ago

@gamerRN, deflection. PS5 is not in the same boat as the new xbone, its not even in the same zip code fgs. Tbh Forbes are usually pro xbox, so the new xbone must be really disappointing lol.

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TheProblem1035d ago

It really is a lazy low effort console from Microsoft

Knushwood Butt1035d ago

The console effort isn't lazy, but the software situation is a train wreck.

In addition, can you image what it's like at an MS dev studio right now? They must be under extreme pressure to ship anything out the door.

ChrisW1034d ago

The mid-gen upgrade is what makes it seem lazy

neutralgamer19921035d ago

today i had an opportunity to buy XSX at MS store online and I was on last step before clicking place order but i couldn't bring myself to invest $545(with taxes) to play older games. I feel the same way about ps5 but those are so hard to buy. I just feel like both of these consoles will be a much better buy come holiday 2021. By than with consumer feedback both consoles will be a lot better via updates and there will be more next gen titles

as an investment XSX costs $545 and sells for around $800(easily available on FC marketplace)

as an invest PS5's are a much better but if you can find one because you can easily get a grand. My friend randomly got a ps5 at WM he said customer service made announcement saying we have few ps5/XSX in stocks if anyone interested come to CS. By the time he got there he had 2 in in front of him and if I understand correctly right in that line offers of $800 were made to those lucky(8-9) who got the ps5

it looks like atleast early on ps5's are a must buy and sony has built a nice next gen system. They didn't go for the RAW power instead going more custom route knowing they potentially have 115-120 million ps43 owners to appeal to. This is why ms losing last gen so badly did xbox brands no favor as it's reputation is in the gutter right now and it has to claw it's way back up while sony/ps5 got a running start. Publishers will support market leader regardless of the minor difference of power which so far has proven to be less than even originally anticipated

anubusgold1033d ago

I had a 3080 in my checkout on launch day and didnt want to pay the extra cost of neweggs stupid shipping and taxes and the after market costs cards that were 745 dollars wish i had bought it now because i cant find one anywhere near 699.

hulk_bash19871035d ago

Im pretty sure almost everyone lucky enough to get one doesn't feel that way. Say what you will about their launch exclusives, the Series X is an impressive piece of hardware. Now personally, do I want a PS5 more than a Series X? Yes. But I'm still excited to experience what Microsoft's console has to offer, eventually.

Muzikguy1035d ago

While I do agree in a sense, the Stadia should definitely be at the top of the list

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darthv721035d ago

Lack of real next gen titles is a disappointment but does that qualify as the biggest disappointment. The system does so many things right/better where the previous iterations did not. That has to count for something.

The two games I am personally looking forward to playing next year will be God of War and Halo. Both may very well be cross gen but that isnt going to stop me from enjoying them the best they can be on their respected 9th gen hardware.

CaptainHenry9161035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

OUCH! Don Mattrick would be proud with a big smile on his face

"Senior contributor Matt Gardener acknowledges that, while the console possesses impressive technical feats such as fast loading times, frame rates, and dynamic lighting etc, it mainly “feels like a better Xbox One X"

Don't forget no launch exclusives. They should have delayed the Series X IMO just like they did Halo Infinite even though it's been in development for over 5 years now

ABizzel11035d ago


The Dom Nattrick comment was funny, but the Series X is not the biggest disappointment.

Docknoss1034d ago

What's your reasoning for delaying the Series X? It's not like you can even find one on the shelves with the way they're being bought and in such high demand. Cyberpunk and other titles are going to drive sales enough. Just in time for the HI release of 4Q 2021 to help spike sales again. It's actually a good tactic to for give the XSX a year. To help build a user base and fix the console manufacturering production for its release.

gamer78041035d ago

Naughty dog is 2020s biggest disappointment for me. I love the new Xbox hardware so I’d say 343 industries would be the big disappointment not delivering.

Atticus_finch1035d ago

Keep the hate alive bro. Stay strong throughout all those GOTY awards. 👍

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