Did You Know: Alexa Can Be Used To Control Your Xbox Series X

"Alexa, play Doom Eternal"

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giovonni49d ago

Yes, I actually use Alexa to control xboxone

phoenixwing49d ago

You mean you use wiretap. C:

Sayai jin49d ago

Same with your and everyone's smartphone...

purple10149d ago

Set your WiFi to "FBI SURVEILLANCE VeicHLE". absolutely love doing that. must.make some people smile

giovonni48d ago

Naw I just tell Alexa to turn on the Xbox and she does it. It here are a few other things she can do with Xbox, but I haven’t looked into it yet. It’s a neat feature

49d ago
patterson49d ago

“Hey Alexa, where’s the games?”

DaveZero49d ago

Hey Alexa, how can we all fund a brain for Patterson?? And is he a Jack ass?? yes I have searched for a brain for Patterson but I was unable to find one that would suit him and a Jack ass he is.

Bathyj48d ago

Funny how when someone has no comeback for a jab they always get personal.

Nicaragua48d ago

"Alexa, please get me a refund on this console"