Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Founders Edition Review

The RTX 3060 Ti offers an excellent midpoint for Nvidia's latest GPU stack, perfect for 1440p, ray traced gameplay.

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Sophisticated_Chap44d ago

More powerful than a PS5 or a Series X, and for a great price.

ssj2744d ago

No it ain't and most important it doesn't play again it doesn't play demons souls cgi lvel plus most ps5 exclusives. Now the 3080 may be more powerful but only slightly. 3080 does 4k 60fps and some rt so does the ps5. So sure the ps5 could have been way stronger but dev can code to the metal making it more efficient. Demon soul's looks feels better than anything on pc no matter if you put two 3090 card together. . And sure that's not it power fault but what is the point on having a Lamborghini if you can go over 100 because one is illegal and two you got no skill to go over 100 .

So pc have raw power advantage at a higher price 3 times higher if you are lucky or 4 times the price. In few years ps5 pro will drop and will do rt 4k 120fps on many games or full rt 4k 60fps so ps5 generation games will keep aging well just like ps4 games did.
So i dont see the hate in Playstation get over it. Enjoy the games stop been a fanboy.

Vegamyster44d ago

He's not hating on Playstation nor is he acting like a fanboy lol.

cellmember44d ago

lol i think fanboy describes your comment not the op.

anubusgold44d ago

@ssj27 Yes it is even the xbox gpu can just barley catch a 2070 super. You are crazy consoles are doing tricks to reach 4k its not native .

SegaGamer44d ago


If anybody is being a fanboy, it's you with your overdefensive post.

"Demon soul's looks feels better than anything on pc no matter if you put two 3090 card together"

A bit over the top.

King_Noctis43d ago

I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

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Exactly the PS5 is more close to a 2070 Super, minus 1tflop on the Super. :D

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CantThinkOfAUsername44d ago

Yeah, good luck getting one for that 'great price.'

anubusgold44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

People were buying them live from newegg and best buy you could actually buy these . But im going to wait for a 3080 Amd raytracing is half of that of a 3080 so ill out wait the scalpers. I have a 1080 its above cyber punks recommended settings i just wont have ray tracing on. It makes me mad since i have a HDR monitor but ill just have to wait for the scalpers to get bored or lose money.

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