Sega Reveals Prototype Nomad Handheld For The First Time Ever

In a YouTube video examining the history of Sega's consoles, the company showed the prototype to the Sega Nomad, which has never been revealed publicly before now.

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Relientk7747d ago

I still have my Nomad. It was fun to play Genesis games on car trips, but damn that thing ate batteries like it was it's damn job.

Knightofelemia47d ago

I would find someone to do a capacitor swap and a Mc Will mod for the screen. Nomad and Game Gear are know to have shitty leaking capacitors in them and to buy a Nomad on Ebay is pricey.

autobotdan47d ago

But did this have 'blast processing'?

darthv7247d ago

This prototype looks better than the final build.

Knightofelemia47d ago

God I wish Sega still made consoles I love my Genesis mini wish Dreamcast or the Saturn had a mini.