Bungie CEO: New Game Projects Have Been in the Works for Three Years; One Is Particularly Exciting

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons confirmed that new game projects have been in the works for three years, and one is particularly exciting for him.

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ccgr47d ago

Can't wait to see more!

TheScotsman47d ago

We're is the destiny 2 Next Gen update, is it still due on 8th?

NeoGamer23247d ago

"New Game Projects Have Been in the Works for Three Years; One Is Particularly Exciting"...

So the others aren't.... lol.

46d ago
Hitman00747d ago

Well they sure as shit haven’t been putting any effort into Destiny like same bad guys different color wow

ClayRules201247d ago

You got that right.

I thought when reading it the first time that CEO “Pete Parsons” thought the one game he’s referring to that’s particularly exciting was in actuality just partially exciting, and I had to reread that a few more times through to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.😂😂

zacfoldor47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I actually loved Destiny 2, but then they announced weapon retirement, and I quit that day. I had done too much work to build up my guy to have them take it all way in one fell swoop midstream. I wonder did they ever go through with it? It was pretty recent. I understand why they did it, and they probably looked at the loss of me playing as a worthy cost, but honestly it feels pretty terrible when a game you loved and was always positive about, leaves you behind with a shrug. I'll take future games from them with a grain of salt.

autobotdan47d ago

They are currently working on Destiny 3 and Destiny 4

luckytrouble47d ago

If they're smart, Destiny 2 will be the last Destiny for at least another five years. MMOs can't just release like every other series, which is precisely what Activision didn't understand since to them it was just another CoD to be bled dry.

Rude-ro47d ago

IF it is to get another stand alone game, it will not be for some time.
They canceled destiny 3 and made the content they had work as “new light” dlc that they just released.

AngelicIceDiamond47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

They're not working on Destiny 3. They're working on a brand new IP. Though I'll say everyone claims to want a new IP but glance over them and don't buy new look at immortals new game by Ubisoft.

Outlawzz47d ago

Immortals hasn't released yet...

rdgneoz347d ago

And CyberPunk comes out next week as well which people have been waiting a while for - a new IP from CD Project Red. New IPs can be good, but sometimes devs go and look at what's the flavor of the month/year and try to make something similar (all the battle royal crap knock offs for example). Like Immortals looking like Ubi played Breath of the Wild while working on the mythology parts of Odyssey. Could be good on it's own, but it's releasing at a time with a bunch of other big name games and it's going to easily get over shadowed.

JeffGUNZ46d ago

Once Bungie and Activision split, they were no longer even thinking of doing D3 and D4. They are trying to keep Destiny one world with no new game spits. So, they created Destiny Content Vault and removed old stuff to add new stuff. They just released Beyond Light a few weeks ago, next year releasing The Witch Queen, and the year after that "New Light". Not sure if they have any plans after that, but that is the road map for the game.

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autobotdan47d ago

They wanted out of Microsoft years ago because they got tired of working on the exact same scifi video game franchise over and over and over and over again. So their next game better not be DESTINY 3

NeoGamer23247d ago

Yes, kind of ironic here....

Left Halo to do different things and probably jumped off a first party organization that was crumbling at the time.

Vowed to be in charge of their future. Went and signed onto the money hungry gamer dollar sucking Activision-Blizzard and delivered a "Halo in a different universe called Destiny" (Also had other stuff, but at its core it is a FPS space based shooter).

Now, they are on XB GamePass with Destiny 2 and its latest expansion.

My how things go around in circles!

Although I think there is a chance that Bungie would come back to MS, I don't think it would be good for either party. The people at Bungie that really loved Halo went to 343 right after Bungie separated. Bungie thought they were the Naughty Dog of shooters, but turned out they haven't dominated the landscape at all since leaving. They have a solid game in Destiny, but not nearly as earth shattering as originally expected.

JeffGUNZ46d ago

Destiny still has one of the best feeling shooters on the market. The mechanics they use are amazing. The problem with Bungie is, they refuse to take feedback to alter their decision making, release stuff no one wants, and then has to make changes during the season. When Bungie listens and implements what the community wants, Destiny flourishes like it did in Foresaken. Beyond Light has been great so far, but the season system has been terrible. The Season of The Hunt is a bore, it's just the same wrathborn hunts over and over. I am sure things will change over the course of the season, but man, they have so much potential to have a masterpiece franchise but can't get out of their way.

NeoGamer23246d ago

I will agree that Destiny is one of the best feeling shooters on the market. It's feel is pretty much the same as Halo games they made. When I go into Destiny and play it feels exactly like a Halo game from an FPS perspective.

But, that is my point in a lot of ways. Bungie has the tech but their execution has been flawed Execution is not just a super awesome mechanics. It is immersion, story telling, gameplay, sound, etc. Destiny is a technically awesome game, but it isn't GOTY quality.

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