Bethesda Executive Admits They Have Let People Down with Fallout 76

In an exclusive interview with Bethesda Head Todd Howard, he admitted that the game company has let down a lot of fans with the launch of online multiplayer Fallout 76.

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ArchangelMike45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I could smell it a mile away, and never even touched it. I think alot of fans were let down by Fallout 4, but didn't want to admit it. We at least expected a new game engine, but were willing to look past all of the same recurring bugs etc, becasue, hey it's a new numbered Fallout game.

Good on Bethesda for trying a multiplayer approach to the Fallout franchise; however their own greed, hubris and that old rusted post-apocalyse game engine, just hamstrung the whole enterprise from the start. Fallout 76 was doomed to fail from the start; if it was free-to-play it might have stood a chance.

Whatever Starfield turns out to be, the fact that Bethesda is still going to use the same game engine (apparently an updated version - just took all the wind out of my sails for that game. For me it was the final straw, that Bethesda just won't change.

mudakoshaka45d ago

They should have included it in like a Fallout 5 release, and not a standalone online Fallout game, which isn't even free to play!

The old engine issue plagues many games. AC Valhalla's controls make me go crazy! It feels like I am back in my student apartment in 2009, and playing the first Assassin's Creed.

Hikoran45d ago

Couldn't agree more. The very second I read that it's the same engine but updated, just completely lost me. We've all heard of that old chestnut "updated engine" cough Frostbite cough..

Rocketisleague45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

They've been on the downhill since Oblivion. Just depends if you were already a big gamer into RPG's before or after them. Skyrim was even more of a letdown for me. Besthesda were the king of rpgs and they threw it away for the casual crowd. It's slowly starting to smack them in the balls while developers like CD projeck and From software are proving quality is king.

One thing that particular bothers me about it is Todd Howard, since the days of oblivion hes been a massive liar, touting massive innovative features that never remotely came close to the 'final product'. Never getting called on it.

NecrumOddBoy45d ago

Bethesda let us down with Fallout 4 as well. They are literally ruining one of my favorite game worlds.

metalgod8845d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Despite Fallout 4 straying away from some of it's rpg roots, I absolutely loved Fallout 4. Far Harbor is probably one of the best DLC's I've ever played. I may have enjoyed that even more than the base game. It was awesome, specially after they added the hardcore survival mode.

I was excited for Fallout76 and happy they tried to do something with MP, but after playing the beta, just a few weeks before release, I knew this game was no where near ready for launch. It was pretty much unplayable. I'm not sure what led Bethesda or the devs to believe this game was anywhere near ready at this point. Nothing worked, the foundation of the game was broken, and there were so many bugs, glitches, and performance degradation that it was just a nightmare to attempt to play. On top of that, it had no NPCs... just logs to listen to, in attempt to put some kind of coherent story together, which it barely accomplished.

It was bad. Is it better now? Yeah. Is it worth your time? Probably not.

Bethesda should have apologized for releasing this in the state it was in a LONG time ago and waited another year before pushing it out to players. I'm not sure I can ever forgive them for releasing something so horrendously bad. I'm a huge fan of Bethesda, but man...this one hurt.

I'm not worried about their engine. But I am worried about their train of thought. Pushing micro-transactions in a very broken game...not good man. Not good.

frostypants44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I hadn't heard that about them re-using that engine yet again. That sucks. I have long suspected that Bethesda has lost a lot of the expertise they had in the Morrowind days, and flat out don't know how to fix certain things. Like they are continually re-using old spaghetti code and what not, and don't feel confident building from scratch. It would explain their repeated QA debacles.

It's kind of embarrassing really. Their games feel like glorified mods now. Fallout 4 felt like a really amazing Fallout 3 mod which felt like a really amazing Skyrim total conversion/mod.

Do better, Bethesda.

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Father__Merrin45d ago

At launch it was bearbones but as of right now your likely get decent playtime out of it

THEzRude45d ago

Still you should not give them money to support such products.

45d ago
MrDead45d ago

I have every Fallout game but 76 and I won't touch Fallout 76 as long as the Atomic Shop exists... in fact I won't buy another Fallout or Elder Scrolls game if it's online only or has Atomic Shop.

Father__Merrin45d ago

The atomic shop is just skins and stickers and props. Everything in there is purchasable inngame

staticall45d ago

Of course everything is purchasable in game, because it's an in-game shop!

How about Scrapbox, survival tent or some exclusive outfits, that are only available through Fallout 1st subscription? You can't earn that in-game at all. Or items, that give you an advantage, like repair kits?
It's not just «skins and stickers and props».

Rachel_Alucard44d ago

And Fallout 1st is not just skins and stickers and props, adds yet another subscription to the many subscriptions in and outside of gaming, and all just so you can have some basic QoL additions that people requested since launch. Supporting the atomic shop and 76 is supporting that shit.

Kaii45d ago

peter molyneux got slammed, why can't Bethesda?

THEzRude45d ago

Whaat ? NO way ? Was Fallout 76 a shameless half assed piss poor broken piece of a shit game they just pushed out to hoard money from the brainless brand fanatics ? I'm shocked !

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