160° Presents XB360 LCDcase and have built 20 exclusive LCDcase for XBOX360.

Custom built case with UltraSlim CES 5,8" LCD monitor. Works with all PAL and NTSC version of XBOX360.

Easy installation!
* Plug and Play, only 4 wires!

Specifications monitor.
* UltraSlim 5,8" 16:9 TFT/LCD - Car Enterinment System (
* Resolution : 1200 x 234 pixels
* Video input: 2 (XBOX360 + 1 extra)

Specifications case.
* 100% original XBOX360 case(bouth sides are included)

All I can say is.................ZOMG

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FordGTGuy4300d ago

but its not a practical way of playing on the Xbox 360.

hells henchman4300d ago

i guess because it can be done. wish I had the money to be hacking around 360's. what's next- built in keyboard? ha!

OoOLeafsOoO4300d ago

It is really cool but it is very pointless, why would i wanna play my games on an 8" screen?

Boink4300d ago

is this MS's new portable gaming system? :D

BlackCountryBob4300d ago

That's the most idiotically pointless thing ever!

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The story is too old to be commented.