The First Official Poké Ball Replica Series Looks Fantastic

For the very first time, you can own a perfect replica Poke Ball that will light up when it detects motion! It'll even go into that iconic Pokemon-catching light pattern. Just don't throw it at anything.

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-Foxtrot45d ago

These look really cool but £99 is a lot of money for just one. Shame they can't ditch the sensor/lighting stuff to sell it for cheaper. I'd love a full set.

However they need to make official Gym Badges, you can find so many "replicas" online but none of them look perfect.

phoenixwing44d ago

foxtrot have you heard of type in pokeball and you'll get tons of pretty cool stuff at a fraction of the price. It may not be official but I don't think you'll care when you can get it cheap and much cooler looking stuff. they have pokeball terrariums on etsy

KDblack44d ago

Pokeball terrariums sound amazing. Wonder how you make them?

phoenixwing44d ago

I don't know maybe a 3d printer or something like that

phoenixwing44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

too much for what it is. should be 50 at the most, wouldn't surprise me if they marked it up like crazy just because they could. Can't say I fault their logic. There's tons of enthusiastic pokemon fans who will pay for it.


I can barely wait for the articles to come as stupid people inevitably throw this piece of junk at their pets... Should be specially entertaining as Pokémon already need to bend over backwards to try and justify in-universe the fights every time a schmuck accuses them of promoting animal brutality.