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Immortals Fenyx Rising is a third-person open-world action-adventure game by Ubisoft inspired by Greek mythology that is one of the weakest games of its kind in years.

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Hellcat2020912d ago

I don't believe it's a 3/10 game
It's gotten pretty good scores from other sources
This is that one odd review

_LarZen_912d ago

I’ve read and watched many reviews today about this game. And it’s clear it’s not for everyone. But I’d say that anyone giving a score like this for a game like this is not worth your time.

The overall consensus that even if you don’t like everything about the game it’s still a good game. And if you have the same humor style and like puzzles then it could easily be one of the better games you play this year...

knickstr912d ago

Is the game broken or almost unplayable? Why are so many games getting scores like this. It's hard to take these "reviews" seriously when theres so much garbage put out to try and get clicks.

912d ago
Rebel_Scum912d ago

Perhaps they're using a different scale? I don't see the point in 10 point scales where they never go below 5.

Broken and/or unplayable is a 0-2 if using the full 10 point spectrum imo.

912d ago
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