Nioh Remastered for PS5 Getting Photo Mode; First Screenshot Revealed

Players who will play the PS5 remaster of the original Nioh will be able to enjoy a brand new feature in the form of a photo mode.

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CrimsonWing6947d ago

Yay, Remasters!!! Can’t wait to play this game again... and again next-gen... and again the generation after that... and after that... and...

BLow47d ago

Here the thing you may not know. You don't have to buy them. You're welcome lol. Happy gaming.

CrimsonWing6947d ago

Yea, but when there’s nothing great out and they aren’t making any sequels to it, you might as well.

bouzebbal47d ago

Wish it was just a software update

wheatley46d ago

That re-release "remaster" could have been an update.