PS5's Twitch Integration Is a Vast Improvement Over the PS4's

Greysun writes: "I stream on Twitch quite frequently on my PS5 and it turns out that the integration is much improved from the PS4."

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Elda49d ago

I wish the PS5 will get the Live With PlayStation app.

Elda49d ago

It's the streaming app on the PS4. It's for streaming games & streaming live chat with other people online where Twitch & YouTube is implemented in the app. I think it's pretty entertaining,I'm hoping they implement the app on the PS5 soon.

Abnor_Mal49d ago

Such a great app, loved how people used it for more than just playing games. There were people who would paint, cook, play music, one guy who had it set up in his barber shop interacting with viewers. Same with the guy would would have his ps4 on his boat while he was fishing.

Then there were others who would get drunk as hell, I remember this one guy always drunk and would set up paid "dates".

What I miss most of all though is PS Home, Sony needs to revive the app for PS5 and it be VR compatible.

CosmicTraveler-49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

OMG yes! When I got my PS5, I looked for about an hour for the app. Was disappointed when I realized it wasn't included.

Elda49d ago

I did the same & was disappointed as well. Hopefully Sony will implement the app soon.

Deathdeliverer49d ago

I just wish the PS5 would get clearly designated areas for sales. You see the PS+ sales but it’s a LOT more sales going on but you can’t find em.