PlayStation Store’s End of Year Deals promotion starts today

Save big on Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Dead by Daylight: Special Edition and many more.

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VenomUK57d ago

But there's still a month to go!

Shadowsteal57d ago

They'll be doing a New Year sale at the literal "end of the year".

Crazyglues56d ago

-But I just bought a ton of games from the black Friday sale... Now this, my wallet is on life support...

Well I guess it's dead now, because Zombie Army 4: Dead War at $19.99 is a must buy
Generation Zero is $14.99.. hmm, tempted to get that just because, why not..
Evil Within 2 is $14.99 finally, the price it should have been long time ago... Played the 1st one was ok, so Maybe.
Grid is $13.49... Not sure about that one does not seem as good as the old game, but dam that's a hell of a deal..

BenRC0156d ago

Grid is one of myvfave racers this gen. Proper exciting racing instead of the sterile dead feeling "sims" we usually get on consoles.

Yui_Suzumiya56d ago

Evil Within 2 is easily worth $60. It kicks the first games butt. You're going to enjoy the hell out of it, brother!

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Stanjara57d ago

Hurry up and buy game of the year additions on black friday sale and that other one because this end of the year is full of add ons

P_Bomb57d ago

Is Odyssey ever not on sale?

Silly gameAr57d ago

Seems like the Tomb raider games are ALWAYS on sale too.

Kyizen56d ago

Yeah I had Tomb Raider and Rise of Tomb raider from PS plus but bit the bullet on Shadow of Tomb Raider for $15 cause Rise was so much fun

Muzikguy57d ago

Tells me one thing...

Don't buy it

MajorLazer57d ago

They're decent games, especially for the price.

Silly gameAr57d ago

I already have all 3 of the games, though. I just noticed that they're always on sale, along with a Farcry game, Killzone Shadowfall, and a few other games.

Pughski56d ago

Never buy a ubisoft game at full price. Always buy the "gold" or "ultimate" edition when it takes a huge price cut & sale.

Vanfernal57d ago

The Witcher 3 is the king of being on sale. If you pay more than $20 for the Witcher 3 complete you're doing it wrong lol.

Canadiananimal56d ago

Unless you live in Canada and get raped by inflated prices.

CobraKai56d ago

Wow. Anthem $27. Talk about milking a dead cow.

instantstupor56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Yeah, that's weird. I normally see Anthem on sale on Origin for less than $10. And I bought a "physical" copy for PC for like $6 at Best Buy a year ago. $27 is borderline criminal for what it is right now & the uncertainty of its future.
----------------------------- ------
I had enough fun puttering around in Anthem at $6, and it was a mini gamble/investment for the future of the title since it was around then the chatter started about the huge Anthem reboot being in the works. Anthem Next is still just being talked about with concept art/UI teases...guess we'll see.

CobraKai56d ago

For $5 I’d give it a shot, but I think if Battlefront 2 can be free from PS+, Anthem should be too. People wouldn’t be so reserved to give it a shot.