PS5 Launches in Europe to Record Sales - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Nov 15-21

The PlayStation 5 was the best-selling console with 1,001,572 consoles sold for the week ending November 21, according to VGChartz estimates.

The PS5 launched in Europe and the rest of the world during this week. The next-generation console sold 723,341 units in Europe in its launch week. This is bigger than the PS4, which sold 706,948 units in Europe in its launch week in 2013.

Microsoft's next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and S, in its second week saw sales fall to 252,262. This is to be expected as the console was sold out in its first week and second-week figures pretty much are the same as consoles shipped. The Xbox One sold 454,423 units in its second week, however, the console was not sold out after its first week, and week two included Black Friday.

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GaboonViper47d ago

Fantastic achievement and well done Sony, i cannot wait to jump in when i finally get my hands on one.

bouzebbal47d ago

Solid software, great design create great demand. Keep it up PlayStation 👌🏽

46d ago
waverider47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

The ps5 breaking records even with covid. Its Just crazy this Kind of sales. Series x and s worst then the xbox one. Services couldnt match having forza, ryse of Rome, killer instinct and dead rising at launch. Down to 3rd place and closer to 4th, the ps4...

Bigman4k47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Stop just stop

1Victor47d ago

I agree I’ll wait for Sony to tell the real number and not rely video game fake chartz.
We all know how hot the PS5 is and how hard it’s to find it (at regular price) we don’t need this RUMOR NUMBERS MONGERING from that site

DJStotty47d ago

The figures do not add up. As of 21st November (9 days of sales) they only put the PS5 on 2.4 million worldwide sales, it was 2.5 million after 2 days up till Nov 14th.

outsider162447d ago

No surprises here.
The PlayStation broke records even with:
* Series X being powerful console.
* Series S being the cheapest Console.
* Gamepass

You'd think people would rush over to the Series S with gamepass. But no. Gee, i wonder why.

NotoriousWhiz47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Probably cause they're sold out everywhere. At the end of the day, the console that sells the most this holiday season will be the one that produces the most and Sony is doing well with production.

kneon47d ago

"The Xbox One sold 454,423 units in its second week, however, the console was not sold out after its first week"

NotoriousWhiz47d ago

Yes, the Xbox one didn't sell out. The Xbox series did, and is still sold out. Leave the deception to the suits. We can stick with the facts here. All of them, not just the cherry picked ones.

Muzikguy47d ago

It really is funny when you think about it. 4th try but with new mistakes even with all the extra options

waverider47d ago

Because nothing change. Many talked, but the reality is the same. Not having a single big game at launch is a Huge, Huge mistake. Gamepass is cool but not a system seller.

Sitdown47d ago

How are your all missing the comparison to the Xbox one? Go back and read the article, people are rushing out to purchase the Series X and S, but they both continue to be out of stock. All next generation consoles are having their said effected by low production.

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ANIALATOR13647d ago

It's probably because of covid that console sales and tech in general is so high. People are sitting at home bored spending their money to stay entertained

AmandaWilson47d ago

I support! some spheres have died due to the pandemic, while others are experiencing growth rates.

Gunstar7547d ago

Wtf has this got to do with xbox?? Even if you had shares in Sony, you wouldn't care.

When will this childish toxicity end?? Its f**king embarrassing

danny81846d ago

You know both consoles are sold out right lol

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StormSnooper47d ago

Well Sony deserves it. Im really enjoying my time playing Demons Souls , but I’m looking forward to what they have in store.

Thundercat7747d ago

Crazy demand for the PS5. I didn't expect the Xbox to fall short of the Xbox one. That's sad.

NotoriousWhiz47d ago

It is sad that they couldn't produce enough to match demand.

Vx_47d ago

"The console was not sold out after its first week" guess not much of a "demand"

ocelot0747d ago

Same thing with Sony though. Can't find a disc or digital anywhere.

Sitdown47d ago

Don't cut the beginning of the sentence...
"The Xbox One sold 454,423 units in its second week, however, the console was not sold out after its first week. Not being sold out in order first week is in reference to the Xbox one.

Clearly the article stats this on reference to the new versions, "This is to be expected as the console was sold out in its first week and second-week figures pretty much are the same as consoles shipped. "

Ozzy240746d ago

Xbox never sold out so there obviously wasn't much demand for series x or s

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NotoriousWhiz47d ago

"The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S are expected to be severely supply constrained through at least early 2021 as any consoles that become available have been quickly selling out."

I wish I could embolden the "and Xbox Series X|S", because no one apparently made it this far in the article.

Also, everyone is apparently confusing Xbox one not selling out with Xbox Series. Another casualty of the poor naming.

Extermin8or3_47d ago

No i think most people have understood what however people are mistaking is that the series x/s selling out is indicFive that it is selling better than the xbox one at launch. I'm not convinced looking at the figures that, that is true. It is only the case if there was greater supply available of the series x/s which I'm not actually sure is the case.

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