Godfall Review (GF365)

"Godfall is the epitome of a traditional console launch title. It’s an accomplished product with stellar visuals and loud presentation, but beneath that is an often frustrating and cumbersome experience," Andrew writes for GF365.

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NeoGamer23249d ago

I am not sure why this game is being so harshly in reviews.

I gotta admit I haven't played it and am iffy on purchasing it. But, from the trailers and gameplay I saw I wasn't get these kinds of low scores. I was thinking more in the 7 out of 10 range.

jukins49d ago

Idk i kinda like it combat is fun and just like any other loot game you grind to get better gear. But once you unlock gear with actual stats buffs and specials it kicks up a knotch.

It is kinda soulless as far as the story dialog and some of the enemies are boring but as said itnis a launch title and its serving its purpose for me on between the better rated games I've been playing when you just want to play something a little different. Also doesn't have matchmaking so co-op could be a chore. None of my friends who managed to get a ps5 got this so I haven't even played co-op yet

yeahokwhatever49d ago

I'm kind of torn on this game. usually there's a mediocre launch title, and usually i get it, and usually i love it. im leaning towards getting this title. the mediocre reviews make me think I'll really enjoy it.