The Xbox Series X Controller Has Me in a Painful Predicament

Author writes: "Having spent a few weeks with the Xbox Series X in my home, its controller has left me in a painful predicament."

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ApocalypseShadow47d ago

Are you serious? WTF

You got gamers in another article worried about a 4dbA difference in fan sounds of some PS5 systems. And you're worried about an insignificant difference in controller size of the new Xbox controller compared to the Xbox one because you're playing for hours before your hand starts to hurt. What the hell is wrong with gamers today?

**I live in hope that Microsoft’s already toiling away on the Elite Controller Series 3, complete with Share button, Dynamic Latency Input and all of the other ‘Elite’ components wrapped up in a slightly larger and bulkier package.**

**For now, I keep playing with the Series X pad in the hope my hands finally adjust to the slightly smaller dimensions (and also because I’m an idiot and hate to admit defeat when it comes to little tech issues like this). I’m trying to consciously hold the controller with a less death-like grip, but that’s not what I want to be concentrating on as I’m trying to hack my way through swathes of Anglo Saxons in AC Valhalla!**

I was joking in the other article about this and not wanting these non issue articles coming here and making a big deal out of nothing.

But no. Here's another one. These pansy gamers are actually serious.

Stop whining and play some games. 4dbA sound difference of a fan? Hands hurting on 3 games after a few **HOURS** playing? Come on!

JustTheFax46d ago

I'd like to see this fool play with the nes controller for hours. haha

oof4646d ago

It's funny. A few years back a held one in my hands. I forgot how tiny and "unergonomic" it was compared to modern controllers. I guess, since we were kids, the size didn't really matter.

UltraNova46d ago

Yeah, some people simply cannot help themselves but complain about everything, it's becoming tiresome.

diesoft45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

That's how you know people like this are soft as hell. Forged through iron with games like ninja gaiden, battletoads, games like that on TOP of the sharp-ass edges of that controller.

But oh....dis one huwts my widdle hand kinda

instantstupor46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

In this case, I think you're letting the clickbait headline kind of over-color the tone of this article. It's clearly not a "painful" predicament - it's a "less-than-ideal-comfort & missing out on minor features" predicament. I mean, if I went from one controller not giving me any problems to another one that suddenly did, I'd certainly question it at least. They even mention they keep playing with it, and concede they are "an idiot" for doing so. They could use the original XBO controller if it truly bothered them that much, but they like the minor conveniences of the new controller. It all makes sense. I could see having a conversation with a friend going something along the lines of this article & not thinking they were a "pansy" (lol) or an idiot for expressing that experience & line of reasoning.

The other article - by a completely different outlet - regarding the fans even said "The difference is therefore not monumental (in any case, the console remains infinitely less noisy than an original PS4 or a PS4 Pro!), But it is not anecdotal either." The information, on the face of it, is just information. They noticed & checked & found a difference. They didn't blast Sony for it. The only people making a *huge* deal out of it were the people in the comment section.

Authors can, like all humans, have bad takes. They can complain unnecessarily, and I've read plenty of articles on here full of "hot taeks" and questionable concerns. But in general, I find those making a big deal out of nothing tend to be less the authors and more the commenters.

DJStotty46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

If the author is getting pain in his hands while gaming, i would suggest a doctor check for arthritis.

RSI is not really common when using gaming pads.

Sirk7x46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

People need to stop squeezing their controllers to death, and destroying the sticks and buttons. I see some people snap joysticks in directions with all the speed and force they can muster when playing lol. It hurts to see. I have a launch Xbox One controller that still works perfectly, and I have put thousands of hours into gaming with it. I've taken it apart to clean, but that's about it.

DJStotty46d ago

Series X controller feels fine to me, slightly smaller but the grips on the back of the controller and the triggers create good grip.

Got to admit, i have never had sore hands when gaming, and i game at least 4-5 hours a day, every day.

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Knightofelemia47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

It's a controller I don't remember the Dual Shock 1-3 changing that much besides R2 and L2 a PS home button and the gyros in the Dual Shock 3 and Sixaxis and the fact the Dual Shock 3 was wireless. Only thing I didn't like was the R2 and L2 but little trigger buttons that clip onto the R2 and L2 buttons made me adapt to the new controller. Hell I own a Duke and the crontroller S for the og Xbox I don't mind them you just adapt. I would only use last gen as a last resort even though Microsoft never really changed the Series X controller just a new D pad which the controller really needed. And a new share button the pain will subside over constant use. It's like exercise your muscles hurt then after a few weeks the pain subsides because you adapt and your muscles are use to that movement now. And if the controller still hurts your hands just dump the machine onto Ebay I am sure someone else would welcome it with open arms.

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ZeroBlue246d ago (Edited 46d ago )

The 360 controller is still my favorite Xbox controller. Use it for PC gaming still.

jjb198146d ago

I like the feel of the series x controller especially with the textured grip. The sticks even feel better in my opinion.

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