'To say, I saved the world – that's the magic of games': Bethesda's Todd Howard

With a background including Elder Scrolls, Fallout and forthcoming epic Starfield, how does the acclaimed developer see games in the next five years?

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phoenixwing240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Revolutionary AI (He makes this claim for each elder scrolls when they're just dialogue trees and brain dead.)

ecchiless240d ago

thats the real magic, having 16 times the detail and make the game looks like sht, thats magic!!!

Games1st240d ago

"When you play a game and you accomplish something, that’s real. It’s a real accomplishment in your life, or it has been to me, and to other people I meet who love gaming. You can finish the week and say, ‘I saved the world’, and you legit feel that way. That’s the magic.”

phoenixwing240d ago

On topic: less talk more work on elder scrolls 6 because we all know there will be bugs.

anast240d ago

To say, "I purposely send out subpar products and charge full price — that's the magic of Bethesda."

BrainSyphoned240d ago

Horse armor did radically change the world.

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The story is too old to be commented.