Chrono Trigger Gets a Fan Remake Treatment From God of War Art Director

God of War Art Director Raf Grassetti is insanely talented, and he has shared his own version of the Chrono Trigger characters that look beyond amazing.

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535d ago
bouzebbal535d ago

Japan Studio please partner with SQUARE 🤤

PersonX536d ago

Wish Square Enix would remake this game already.

PiNkFaIrYbOi534d ago

Wouldn't trust the current Square to do it justice. It is best to leave it alone so it isn't tarnished.

-Foxtrot536d ago

This is spot on

He's done a lot of good takes

He should do some Legend of Dragoon stuff.

beanplant535d ago

Maybe a cell shaded look could be a good choice, kinda like DBZ Fighters. Chrono looks weird like this

TricksterArrow535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Reminds me of FFVII Remake. I'm ok with it.

ShoryuSwordsman535d ago

Probably because the original artist is Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragonball art style lol

curtain_swoosh535d ago

atleast someone does something with it, not that Square would do it ha.

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The story is too old to be commented.