Control Almost Certainly Coming To Xbox GamePass In December

One year after rumors of Control landing on Xbox GamePass the service is teasing its arrival.

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Battlestar2358d ago

Cool. I already have the game(it plays great via BC on my PS5. But this is good for people who didn't want to support the devs and buy it. Hope Microsoft keeps up with gamepass i have saved so much money just renting games via it and was able to buy myself a PS5.


Dude if anything they will make more money because now people that didn't plan to buy it anyway might just as well try it on Game Pass and the developers still gets paid by Microsoft.

mikeslemonade58d ago

Control is like near top of my wishlist for game pass.

bouzebbal58d ago

Has been on psnow for a good while.. Average game at best

x_xavier_x58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Are you suggesting that game developers are not compensated for their titles that appear on Game Pass? Do you actually think that developers and studios would let Microsoft offer their games for free?

Microsoft negotiates a fee with the developers for each title that appears on the service. In some instances developers/studios have an opportunity to make more money from their Game Pass contract than they would from retail sales.

SpeedDemon58d ago

So much stealth salt in your comment.

chiefJohn11758d ago

Good for you, You saved money and got a ps5 out of it, MS got your money and The Devs get MS money EVERYBODY WINS!!! You get a win, you get a win, you get a win!!!!

Lexreborn258d ago

The game was on PSNow for the last year. In fact I beat it because of that, it’s not a negative for me to PAY for a service and it brings games to me.

shabz66658d ago

Yes I don’t understand this ridiculous anti gamepass ps now sentiment. So many options people have to access games. I would have killed for these services back when I was in college.

Lexreborn258d ago

@shabaz666 I have both and honestly I’m super glad to have the option because I want to try a lot of games out but that doesn’t mean I like or want to own everything I try.

Damrock58d ago

Because Microsoft gets to put all those third part games up on gamepass for free...

Stanjara58d ago

Yeah, developers who didn't give early adopters a free next gen update option.
Now they are gonna make 6 figures by being in Gamepass


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ProLogY58d ago

That's interesting though.. So if it's December then it won't be the Ultimate Edition on GamePass? Hm.

Shiken58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Probably the base game, as the Ultimate Edition was just on sale for 50% off for gamepass Ultimate members. It would be very odd to add it to gamepass right after that.

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shabz66658d ago

definitely worth a go, this was my personal goty of 2019, I was so glad remedy got the recognition it so deserved, superb game that controls well and is filled to the brim with weirdness, The foundation and AWE were also good tbh, finished them recently, grab it on a sale if you can, especially if you love control both are worth it.

Benficaman58d ago

yes. like it was on psnow 8 months ago.

Games1st58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Was on PSNow, Control (removed Monday, August 31) had around 2.2 million subscribers in may.

JonnyBeoulve58d ago

Must have been great for gamers who enjoy input lag.

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