Sony is Using Two Different Fans in PS5 And One of Them is Louder

Sony is using two different fans in PS5, and one of them is evidently louder than the other. So fan A is 39 dB(A) while fan B is 43 dB(A).

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purple10155d ago

one seems to have 17 blades, the other 24

Evan_Beezy55d ago

A has more blades and is quieter

bouzebbal54d ago

4 dB quieter.. When it's sub 40 you don't feel difference.. Pointless article

55d ago
kneon54d ago

I wonder if it's just multiple suppliers providing the fans or did they switch from one to another after production started. Somebody should start a survey and map production dates/serial number to fan type.

SullysCigar55d ago

While that's interesting(...ish), 40 dB is literally the definition of 'whisper quiet' - that is to say, it's how loud a whisper is deemed to be.

Which begs the question: could anyone actually hear a difference of 4 dB? And what about from 6 feet plus away? I definitely couldn't but then my hearing sucks thanks to my music lol

Sciurus_vulgaris55d ago

Your ears typically only detect differences of 10 dB.

I_am_Batman55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Decibel is a logarithmic scale. Something that is 10 dB higher is perceived as twice as loud, so our ears can easily detect differences way below 10 dB. +4 dB difference will be perceived as 30% louder so it's certainly an audible difference provided it isn't drowned out by other audio sources. With decibel levels in the low forties it is still comperatively quiet.

It's not unusual for Sony to use different fans. They've done the same thing with the PS4 already and those consoles could get up to decibel levels in the low to mid sixties.

1nsomniac55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

@i_am_batman is right. +4db can be substantially higher dependent on situation. In this case it will still be considerably noticeable.... ignoring that we’re only talking 40db - which is not as quiet as I thought the PS5 was supposed to be.

Neonridr55d ago

not to mention chances are you have your TV sound on too, which is going to muffle the sound even more.

gamer780455d ago

Much better than the jet engine my ps4 was. My ps5 was making this whining noise so I opened it up and blew in it and laid it on its side. Hasn’t done it as loudly since so crossing my fingers.

Extermin8or3_55d ago

Thay is coil whine i believe. Personally I'd consider coil whine a fault and want a replacement. Not sure where I'd stand legally though.

Tapani55d ago

I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to silent electronics. I've modified my PC and all of the consoles I have, making sure my amp, TV or any of these parts make absolutely zero high frequency noise, including coil whine or fan etc. To me, 35db is the limit I can take. Any more than that, I start listening to the noise when I game, watch a movie, or especially when I listen to an album thro my high-end hifi set.

stiggs55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Perdue University lists a the decibel level of a whisper at 20dB. Yale University has it at 25dB while others such as Pulsar Instruments have measured it as low as 15dB.

The decibel scale is not a linear scale, it is a logarithmic scale. A doubling of a decibel reading does not mean a doubling of the noise, for every 10dB increase in sound our perception of loudness doubles. Taking that into consideration, the 43dB level of the PS5 is more than 4 times as loud as a 20dB whisper.

So, while the PS5 is quiet it's not literally "whisper quiet".

Tapani55d ago

That's exactly how people should answer here, with facts based on various studies to first of all define what we are talking about. How refreshing to see that at N4G!

I think normal apartment room ambient noise in a city is around 25db-35db with spikes to up to 70db in a relatively normal neighbourhood. In suburbs or countryside the spikes might be lower, depends on the country/city/culture.

SullysCigar55d ago

Please read my comment again. I didn't claim the PS5 was whisper quiet. I said 40 dB is whisper quiet.

I can respect that you've found sources that differ in their opinion from the source I used ( Last update: 06/06/2018 2:25 pm), which specialises in the capabilities of the human ear and lists whispers at 40 dB. Different studies will yield different results.

On the basis that claims as to the loudness of a whisper is apparently debatable, so is whether or not the PS5 is indeed "whisper quiet".

gerbintosh55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

The only thing I hear on the PS5 when playing it is the blu ray disc drive when it's in use. when I'm playing games I've been downloaded to the PS5 I don't hear any of the fans or anything from the system. Don't know why this post about a louder fan is a story

SullysCigar55d ago

It's just an opportunity to hate and get clicks. has been all over the launch issues stories with the 3 new consoles, fake or legit doesn't seem to be a concern for them, so presumably they're less about informing and more about site traffic.

NeoGamer23254d ago

4 dB is a pretty useless difference.

People are picking apart these consoles way too much. Gamers should be gaming not talking about a 4 dB fan difference.

StoneyYoshi54d ago

Agreed. After seeing these articles. I decided to turn on my PS5 with my TV muted and running Demons souls. Wanna know what I heard? Nothing but my controller when I was pressing buttons. I sit about 7ft away from my TV and entertainment stand.

I also decided to take the system into my home office and hook it up to my 4k monitor while sitting 1ft in front of it doing the same thing and the most I could hear was a faint coil whine.... and to be clear, this is while I have everything muted. I think its safe to say that there isn't an issue with the consoles fan noise even if I have the fan with more blades, the difference will be minimal unless you have a faulty system.

cooperdnizzle54d ago

40 is not literally the definition of whisper. Around 30 is though. Look it up if ya want. Was in the audio industry for years. Even so, at 40db with the tv on on being away from the console you shouldn’t be able to hear it. Now if you are a foot away from the thing you might hear it slightly, the only real way you are gonna hear it is if your ear is pressed up against the console... that’s my favorite way to play a game. Hahah lol.

SullysCigar54d ago

Lol yes, I've already been corrected on that front and I'm happy to take your word for it, but I did (and always do) look it up before I typed, because it's not something I know about. I've provided a source from the website which is dedicated to the cochlea and it's abilities. So far I'm collecting disagrees for providing the source, but nobody cares to say why lol

FWIW the site's content is supported by several international universities and is sponsored by COCHLEAR (Australia), HHF (Hearing Health Foundation, USA), Fondation Agir pour l'Audition (APA, France), GAES (Spain), BIAL (Portugal).

I didn't work in the audio industry for years (or at all lol), which is why I looked it up. I'm certainly not in a position to dispute it either way, but the source seems pretty legit.

I totally agree that it's a non-issue - it's just interesting - but of course people are trying to cook it up into an issue lmao! I'm curious to know why they changed it, but it makes no real difference as far as I'm concerned. :^)

Neooutlawx54d ago

I'm approx 9ft from the ps5, I hear nothing. Hell, there have been times when I've been standing within a foot of it after booting it up and not hear it turn over other than the beep and the visual lighting change. Without either, I would guess it didn't turn on.

The only time I think I've heard anything is when I put a disc into the console. Tomorrow my LOTR ultra 4k editions of the movies get delivered and I think if there's going to be a stress test on the console, this would be it.

mechethegoat54d ago

I don't play in my living room. My ps5 is right next to me by my monitor. I can hear it but its so quiet its no big deal.

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ApocalypseShadow55d ago

What? Who cares. It's not like you'll be worried about sound because you're playing your console in the middle of a lion's den full of sleeping, hungry cats.

Next, we'll be getting controller sound comparison articles about which controller button clicking sound levels are the most quieter.

"Sony's triangle button is slightly louder than Microsoft's X button but significantly lower than Nintendo's B button sound."

"At Digital Foundry, we use a super sensitive contact microphone that picks up the footsteps of ants and we amplified it 400% to pick up the most minute circle button presses and we found that the circle button on the Dual Sense to be 2 percent higher than the circle button presses on the Dual Shock 4." "It might just be a bug." "Maybe Sony will improve Dual Sense button pressing sounds in a future update as we know that controller button sound levels are important for gameplay to the average gamer." "Unless, Sony will be releasing a Dual Sense Pro mid gen refresh with much quieter rubber and plastic./SSSSS

TheColbertinator55d ago

I care. Just another reason to avoid the PS5.

ClayRules201255d ago

LOL. You care that much that’d you’d avoid getting a PS5 because of it??Iyiyiyiyiy

Atticus_finch55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Aren't you busy playing the best 3rd party?
You've been strangely absent from the comparison articles.
Are you okay?

Charal55d ago

TheColbertinator enter the game store:

Employee : Hello mister, what can I do for you?

TheColb: I want a next gen console!

Employee: very well. This gen is starting strong with very good consoles. Both PS5 and Xbox allows to ...

TheColb: stop this BS peasant, I want the more silent console, and my limit is 4dbA.

Employee: ( nervously grabs gasoline and matches)

SmokinAces55d ago

Good avoid it its your loss. Now if there was only a reason for you to stop trolling.

RedDevils55d ago

Thank you, since it will give another person who want a PS5 a better chance of getting it.

C-H-E-F54d ago

Avoid? Sounds like you didn't get one. It's okay, you're not the only one.

anast54d ago

probably never had an intention to buy one in the first place.

cooperdnizzle54d ago

You are such a tool. Hahaha thanks for the laugh though . Hahaha

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Ryushaa55d ago

This would be such a good 1st of April video from DF.

Sarcasm54d ago

"you're playing your console in the middle of a lion's den full of sleeping, hungry cats."

I do but with something far worse, the wife

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Sarcasm55d ago

Cool... Mine is pretty much silent and haven't noticed it, opposed to my first revision PS4 Pro that sounds like it's preparing to go into space.

jznrpg55d ago

Lol . Generally my Pro wasn’t bad but certain games did make it very loud . GoW was one of them .

Fluke_Skywalker54d ago

Yeah what is with the GOW menu driving the system nuts!

Sarcasm54d ago

Oh yeah GoW was the one particular game that made the fans hit the Nitrous Boost

Teflon0254d ago

GoW and HZD were bad lol. But most games otherwise had it at acceptable but loud levels

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Nacho_Z55d ago

I see a lot of comments about how it sounds like it's going to take off.

Well, over the weekend mine actually did. I left the back door open for a minute and the PS4 rose into the air, slowly flew outside then shot off into the heavens. We stood in silence and saluted.

Sarcasm54d ago

lmao, seems like it had a calling to return home

Extermin8or3_55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I used to joke that if the taliban or ISIS bought a ps4 they'd never get to play any games. They'd start it up and then all dive for cover and set off air raid sirens etc thinking they are about to be bombed by the western coalition or the russians lol 😆

Stanjara55d ago

Oh great. Another one of those.