Sony on Xbox 360: We have a better machine, business model and they should be Concerned!

EGM managed to have a good old chat to Sony's Jack Tretton. He was asked directly as to how he views the Xbox 360, and he believes that the PS3 is a better machine, with a better business model and that Xbox should be a little concerned. Tretton also responded to all the bad press Sony has received by saying if they were in third place, everyone would be more sympathetic to them and wish they got back on top!


EGM: But how do you view the 360 specifically as a competitor?

JT: I think we've got a better machine, I think we've got a better business model, and I think we're going to win in the long term. I'm extremely pleased that we're selling more PS2 units than they are [360 units]. That's something that quite frankly surprised me. But while early indicators are not completely irrelevant, you can't completely ignore them, and I'd be a little concerned if I were them. On the other hand, what concerns me is if the Xbox 360 is being rejected, are the consumers on board with [next-generation] technology and is there enough [demand] there.

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hardwood20014905d ago

sony is so funny they'll say anything to stay in the news.

2tired2day2hate4905d ago

if this was peter moore answering the same question about sony, he would at least give reasons as to why he thinks what he does. this guy just says sony is in a better position, despite the demand being gone and possibly the poorest launch in entertainment history as far as execution and delivering what was promised goes.

"I think we've got a better machine" --why? whats so great about it that the 360 cant do?

"I think we've got a better business model" --REALLY? how come no ones buying them?

"I'm extremely pleased that we're selling more PS2 units than they are [360 units]" --but that means you are selling more ps2s than ps3s also. how is that a good thing?

Geohound4904d ago

Geohound On Sony: ORLY!?!

mishmosh4904d ago

I agree, his comment about PS2 sales being higher than X360 only underscores it's superiority over PS3 as well. Why even make the comparison among a completely different generation of console? You can say Nintendo DS sales completely trounced PS2 as well but that comparison doesn't say much. Next gen consoles will become greater than previous gen consoles as HDTV adoption rate into households increases.

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The story is too old to be commented.