Former Battlefield Dev Talks Bad Company 2 Script, Wishes Studio Used Frostbite 1.5 on BF3

Former DICE dev David Goldfarb talks about the development of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 & Battlefield 3, & says he hoped they used Frostbite 1.5 for BF3.

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RaidenBlack415d ago

Yea ... BF3 campaign was a bit generic. But definitely better than the two MoH campaigns.
Anyways. BF3 was a pretty good successor to BF2 on multiplayer front.
Wish they consider BFBC3. BFBC2 ended with a cliff hanger.

excaliburps414d ago

BF3 is the best BF game of all-time (at least from a multiplayer perspective). I find both game's campaigns fun though not super memorable.

Fishy Fingers414d ago

Each to their own, but BF2 is regarded as the best by most (including me).

Nitrowolf2414d ago

MoH a series that hasn't been where ii should be as of late either. would love to see it make a big comeback tbh. I wonder whats the wait for BFBC 3

Profchaos414d ago

Seems like they tried to bring it back around 2008. However the story was built using an old engine and it looked very dated next to BF3 while the mp was built with frostbite 3 it looked great but it didn't have longevity I think the lack of maps killed it.

I actually confess to really enjoying Moh 2008 multiplayer I was very dis

appointed by the campaign I also remember a significant

annoyedgamer414d ago

EA ruined MoH. They had a decent idea with the reboot then did the classic EA rush sequel then shut down Danger Close and blame them for the failure.

Xenial414d ago

I genuinely enjoyed the multiplayer for MOH, it had lots of potential as well. However, we all know how that turned out with MOH: Warfighter.

Profchaos414d ago

Kind of foreshadowing for BF4 and hardline which at least to me felt very average despite hardline actually paying some external writers to pen the script

oof46414d ago

Still waiting to resolve that Russian invasion.

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XxINFERNUSxX414d ago

BF1942 with both expansions needs to be brought back and remastered, with ray tracing included of couse.

EazyC414d ago

Don't see it happening, FPS devs tend to do things in eras, the fact BF V was set in WW II (even if lacking authenticity) makes me highly doubtful they'll go there again anytime soon

RaidenBlack414d ago

BF1942 is a multiplayer game set in WW2.
So is BF:V. That too with ray-tracing.
If it didn't face development problems BF:V would have covered all nations and theater.

EazyC414d ago

Looked up BF 3 vids out of curiosity...holy moly, that game still looks great! The lighting was a bit show-offy at times but wow.

I sincerely hope DICE can return to form in this new gen but I do feel sceptical given that so much of the old talent has left.

JustTheFax414d ago

That game was when I realized the xbox 360 was outdated and needed an upgrade. The PC preview of the game sold me on getting a new gpu in 2011. haha

Neo111414d ago

BF3 is my favorite multiplayer experience.
From the newer ones, the speed of movement / animation pushes me away the most.
BC2 - a bit too slow.
BF3 - perfect!
BF4 / BF5 - running like crazy headless (CoD style) chickens.

C-H-E-F414d ago

BFBC2 was the best BF of all time, I have no idea how Frostbite made the game less dynamic. I feel like the newer the engine got, the less destructible the world became. Hopefully they go back to that action and quit making these World War games, sheeesh Modern/Moderately Future combat is the preference for most.

JustTheFax414d ago

Yeah the destruction is really what set the game apart from COD for me.