Is Flying in Star Citizen Actually Fun and Exciting?

Giuseppe writes: As someone who has followed Stat Citizen since its inception, I'm often asked a very relevant question: is it actually fun and exciting to fly in the game?

The answer is not completely cut and dry.

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xTonyMontana164d ago

It's not the fun and exciting part that ever concerned me, it's the cost of getting into it when some ships cost as much as a ps5.

Abriael164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

The ship in this video costed literally nothing (at least in real money). All the ships in the game can be purchased in the game with credits you earn by playing.

TheScotsman164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

5 stories in 3 days on the crap, maybe twinfinite needs banned from N4G for spamming the site with this crap

Godmars290164d ago

But no game, no promised fully interactive, operating open world, currently exists.

Abriael164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

@Godmars290: actually, the interactive open world certainly exists, and a partial game loop that grows every quarter is also in place. It isn't fully-featured yet, but it's more "game" than many available on the market nowadays.

You may want to take a direct look instead of just reading old memes on reddit. It costs nothing during events like the one going on now and it helps.

Rocketisleague164d ago

@Godmars, what does that mean? Fully interactive? Operating? Compared to what? What other game is remotely close to what star citizen is in its current state? Its hilarious, N4G community is just a different beast that other gaming sites. No facts here

RazzerRedux164d ago


I, for one, appreciate your continued coverage of Star Citizen. Idiotic ramblings from people like TheScotsman about this game speak from a position of ignorance and an unhealthy dose of "how dare anyone like something I don't like". TheScotsman puts a massive exclamation point behind that with his call for twinfinite to be banned from n4g for posting about Star Citizen. It is beyond childishness.

Please....ignore the haters and keep up the good work.

Abriael164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

@RazzerRedux: No worries, I've ignored them for years. At this point I find the efforts some put into hating this game almost cute.

I simply enjoy covering the games I like. Whether it's Microsoft Flight Simulator or Star Citizen, or obscure Japanese games almost no one writes about. It's a lot more fun than writing about COD or Fortnite all the time. 😁

Godmars290164d ago

"What other game is remotely close to what star citizen is in its current state?"

Several games, Elite Dangerous and No Man's Sky, immediately come to mind as games that do one of several things SC promises to do as a finished product, only of course its not a finished product. Plus that rather than some stable or viable subscription model which would be far less of a red flag, instead its development is based around fan donations. Donations and buying ship porn that runs into ten of thousands if not just thousands of dollars.

That such is being offered is only slightly less worrisome that a group of gamers have bought into it. Should be as bad to all as lootbox gambling, addiction and game companies phytologically designing games to further exploit such.

Abriael164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

@Godmars290: it's pretty obvious that you really don't know about Star Citizen any more than memes read on reddit. Both Elite Dangerous and No Man's Sky do what they do well, but they don't come even close to Star Citizen in many aspects.

As for buying ships, it's what allows the developers to build the visions the backers of the game want to, so you can keep your pseudo-political babble about loot boxes.

I suggest to actually try the game, that is if you even have a PC capable to. It's completely free for the next 3 days. Otherwise, going around continuing to regurgitate misinformation that only shows you don't know what you're talking about won't really help your argument.

No one is being "exploited." CIG is offering what many people want and no one else has even tried to provide. That's why so many support them even through long development (and the insight on the actual development process they provide, which is unparalleled in the industry, is another added perk) That's all there's to it. I can guarantee Star Citizen backers don't need you to be outraged on their behalf.

Godmars290164d ago

"As for buying ships, it's what allows the developers to build the visions the backers of the game want to"

Again, and correct me if I'm wrong, dismiss as a misinformation "meme", but are we or are we not talking about virtual ships that cost thousands of a real dollars? How is that a reasonable, sensible price? That some are willing to pay it to develop the game is besides the point.

Also again, Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky, are complete, released games where Citizen isn't. It doesn't do all that its been promised to do or it doesn't do them well. And then the main issue of raising millions via virtual items that put hose armor to well to shame.

Rocketisleague163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

@godmars, see no mans sky, was released early, 'finished'. Even today will all its updates, it still lacking and missing many promises. Just cause they released it doesn't mean it was finished. On release it was a joke and a real scam. No mans sky also had 'planets with gravity, rotating around the sun' and 'you really warp, they're not laoding screens'. No mans sky is the unambitious version of star citizen. They procedurally generated planets. Well done - but you can tell its limitations there, thats about the only thing no mans sky does well -, sadly the planets all kinda suck. Its not a bad thing I think, but it is what is it and what do you expect from a small team?

Now, with that said, no mans sky is still pretty mediocre compared to the current version of star citizen. In terms of well, technology.

What I expect from star citizen is an eventual release of a full game, it'll likely be the most ambitious game ever created. Along side that, it's already acting as a tech demo for many devs. Its almost like a research project for game development at this point(Thats not necessarily a good thing for customers, but in the long run it is good for video games, the game ain't a scam any more than no mans sky.

People paying for ships is there own choice. Its not black and white, you can get those ships many other ways. From my point of view any one willing to buy a ship at that price is crazy, as are people willing to donate thousands to a kickstarter crazy. But well, im not rich so what can I say?

Simple, you have an engineer perfectionist in charge of a product this is what happens? Blue sky Scientists and engineers shouldn't be in charge of projects. I can certainly say as an engineer i'd always rather do the long winded well engineered route but deadlines prevent that and I come to a middle ground with my boss

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lonewolf10164d ago

Ships you have no requirement to buy with real cash or with in game currency, I see no issue with that.

TheScotsman164d ago

The games isn't fun and it's alpha and it's a cash grab for some of the slowest developers in the world. It's got crap performance and outdated graphics and Abriael can try his best to spread rubbish about it being good all he likes but I isn't.
Updates on this rubbish should be banned from N4G.

Abriael164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Yeah. Should definitely listen to someone who has never played this game for a second and rages every time there's a post about it on whether it's fun or not 😂

Sircolby45164d ago

Anyone who says that the current Star Citizen has outdated graphics is either blind or an idiot plain and simple. I don't know what game you are looking at, but it certainly isn't the current Star Citizen.

DerfDerf164d ago

Every ship is unlockable in the actual game though

vTuro24164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

The price of entry is 45 dollars (or whatever your currency equivalent). I've had nothing but a basic potato starter ship (Aurora MR) for the past 6 years and never felt like I need to pay anything more. You can buy ships in game and grinding your way to them is quite easy with mining. Hell you can even rent ships and use them to make money. Earning a million credits can be done in only a few hours of mining if you buy a ROC (a mining vehicle) in game which is cheap, then rent a ship that can carry it around for example. You'll be printing all the credits you need. Most ships in game cost between 1 to 3 million credits.

I get that people don't like how long the development is taking and those ship prices might seem insane (well, they are) and all that but this game really isn't some scam like many believe. Would I recommend this game yet to someone who's looking for a polished gameplay experience? No. But progress is being made and if you're interested in the alpha and want to hop in then a basic starter ship is all you really need.

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richiboss164d ago

The graphics looks outdated!

Abriael164d ago

Sure man. Keep telling yourself that.

Battlestar23164d ago

Agreed the graphics don't look any better then anything we have seen on a last gen console. Where is all the money going exactly? The Devs should provide finical statements to the public to prove the money is going to the actual game not their bank accounts.

Abriael164d ago

Here's when you notice someone who doesn't know what they're talking about. Cloud Imperium has been publishing financial statements for years.

Incidentally, there is no game on the market that combines the same level of fidelity close up and at enormous scale. Mind you, these aren't my words, but Digital Foundry's.

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Rocketisleague164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

I get 'the graphics' are outdated, but technology wise its still way ahead of any game out right now? What game boasts the scale with the quality of graphics right now? Keeping in mind that vid is 2017

And its online XD.

Another more recent vid, some guys playing together

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Battlestar23164d ago

The greatest con-job of the decade. This not a personal attack on anyone who funded the game but people should hold the devs to account it does not cost this much to make a game especially a game that graphics wise doesn't look better then the likes of God of War/The Last of Us 2 on a last gen console. In 5 years this game will still be in Development people should ask for a full refund.

Shiore2u164d ago

Neither God of War or TLOU 2 are open world dumbass. Terrible comparison.

Vx_164d ago

Scam! It looks like they need more cash from people, that's why we keep seeing spam news on this crap.

Rocketisleague164d ago

Its a scam, with 100s of employees working on it. Theres some well renowned developers working on this game(Not just the original kickstarter guy)

SmokinAces164d ago

Star Citizen is about as fun as throwing your money in a fireplace and watching it burn.

RazzerRedux164d ago

Right....cuz you've played it?

SmokinAces164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Don't be that guy Razzer, do better.

RazzerRedux164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

So no, you have not played it. You are the one being *that guy* then.

SmokinAces164d ago

LOL, I'll have to remember "played it" being a requirement next time I see anyone, including you, talking down a game here.

RazzerRedux164d ago

lol....the next time you see me "talking down a game" that I haven't played will be the first time. is kind of a basic requirement for talking about a game. Amazing that I have to even point it out.

SmokinAces164d ago

I can see you're looking for an argument which is why you replied to my comment in the first place, not interested though so you'll have to seek attention elsewhere. Scam Citizen is a dumpster fire and I dont need to have played it to know it and I dont care if you dont like what I personally think about it, good day to you and happy gaming.

P.S. If you feel it necessary to "point it out" then you got your work cut out for you on this site. Did you bother asking everyone dumping on TLOU 2 here if they played it?

RazzerRedux164d ago

"I can see you're looking for an argument...."

You are the guy who waltzed in here talking out of your ass, dude.

" Did you bother asking everyone dumping on TLOU 2 here if they played it?"

lol...yes, I did. Hell, I even called out people for suggesting that watching the leaked videos was the same as playing the game. But suddenly playing the game matters to you when it is TLOU 2 but not SC? That's hilarious.

SmokinAces163d ago

"You are the guy who waltzed in here talking out of your ass, dude."

Nice very classless comment not that I would expect anything less here at this site.

I wasn't aware you were the personal spokesperson for Scam Citizen that needed to respond to whatever people said about it, I think you're taking this way to personally dude, it seems like you're an investor that sunk a bunch of money into this thing otherwise why get so triggered and attack me for my opinion.

Anyway since you're apparently the damage control liaison for Cloud Imperium I think you should have a look through the other comments here since other folks are saying things even worse than I did, you should check to see if they played the game.

Well it definitely matters to you, remains to be seen how consent that is though. Good day and happy gaming.

RazzerRedux163d ago

"I think you should have a look through the other comments here since other folks are saying things even worse than I did, you should check to see if they played the game."

Yours was the one I saw commenting on "fun" when you didn't even play it. You basically just came in here to troll the game. Now if you want to start with a "classless comment" then start there or just stop your bitching and whining because someone called you out on your bullshit comment. You've got no leverage here. You didn't play the game so me describing you as "talking out of your ass" was spot on accurate and you know it because you've obviously made that point to TLOU 2 pretenders.

"Good day and happy gaming."

Are you going to leave this time? Really?

SmokinAces163d ago

Another classless, disrespectful and belligerent comment all becasue of a video game, you're the one making it personal. smdh

RazzerRedux163d ago

At least I don't talk shit about games I haven't played. That's just as classless so your words carry no weight at all.

Done here. Bye

SmokinAces163d ago

No you just personally attack actual people online for their opinions but I appreciate your selective virtue.

Really done? Happy gaming and good day.

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