Star Citizen Reveals New RSI Perseus Ship & Its Big Guns as Crowdfunding Passes $329 Million

Today Cloud Imperium Games opened the RSI hall in Star Citizen's Intergalactic Aerospace Expo and revealed a new ship.

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Community97d ago
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Sciurus_vulgaris98d ago

I think it’s good for studios to push themselves in terms of content and creativity. However,Star Citizen’s development seems to be focused on continually receiving additional funding.

LordoftheCritics98d ago

This game needs an early access style review.

SamPao97d ago

The game is playable right now. It basicly is early access

xTonyMontana97d ago

It's been in early access for years though with no end or even a beta in sight.

TheScotsman97d ago

Stop !!!! We don't care, Stop with the. Updates , nobody cares apart from the suckers that got hoodwinked into paying and now feel some moral duty and to not look like idiots by trying to defend this drivel

vTuro2496d ago

You mean like every other game?

cyclindk97d ago

So, would purchases in this game be considered MACRO-transactions since everything costs so much?

I’d pay $120 for such a game if they just gave you everything (or at least unfettered ability to access it all via gameplay alone, i.e. no more real dollars spent).

I wish a competitor would come out and make a lower budget, but just as immersive and diverse space sim game and they have one flat price for 99% of content and then just superficial micro transactions to keep their profitability going without pay-walling the thing.

xTonyMontana97d ago

I said the same thing about four years ago, the fans would say "don't worry, once it's fully released everything will be earnable ingame" and look at how that's turning out lol

RedDevils97d ago

By the time I played the PS6 this game would still be in beta.

RazzerRedux97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

A lot is earnable in-game though.

vTuro2497d ago

The price of entry is 45 dollars. Everything else is optional. The ship prices are insane, yes, but the ships are also fairly easy to earn in game.

cyclindk97d ago

Can you earn any ship? Or at least most?

vTuro2496d ago

@cyclindk Not all of them, but almost all of them. The few that you can't buy are usually some "special edition" of regular ships that have a different starting loadout and a different paint job. There are a few limited ships (I think 3) that you can't get but those don't get put on sale for irl money anymore either. One of them is a ship from an enemy alien race, the other two were part of a deal with AMD and Intel.

Other than that you can get them all. When new ships get added to the game you usually have to wait another patch or so before you can buy them in game. The way to earn them right now is through mining.

I should point out however that the game is still in alpha. Wipes rarely happen these days but they will still happen at some point. So if you plan to grind for ships to keep them forever then I don't recommend playing right now.

got_dam97d ago

This is getting kind of rediculous. They don't have to ever release this game, because people keep giving them money anyway.

Azurite97d ago

Highly doubt they'd have 600-700 employees just to let them twiddle their thumbs while draining the funding.

RazzerRedux97d ago

The game has been out and playable for quite some time.