A Ton Of Must-Have Game Titles At Slashed Prices For Black Friday Weekend

It's the Black Friday sale weekend and now is the time to take advantage of those savings! Save big on popular titles such as Doom Eternal, The Last of Us Part II and much more.

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CantThinkOfAUsername54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

6 of those games aren't must-have in any way, shape or form.

Army_of_Darkness53d ago

What would you know about good games if you don't even know your own user name?! 🤣 🤣
And most of those are must-haves btw.

CantThinkOfAUsername53d ago

Heh. Do we have a different definition of must-have?
Please tell what I am missing by not playing NBA 2K21 Casino Edition, Watch Dogs Bored, More-Of-The-Same Kombat 11, Civilization Downhill VI, TDP: 'Little Hope', and Immortals Fenyx Rising (that we don't even know whether it's good since it hasn't released yet...).

They all could be good, yeah, but must-have? That's a term for great gaming experiences like The Witcher 3, Marvel's Spider-Man or God of War.

Heck, I'd even argue that Gears 5 was a so-so experience and The Last of Us Part II isn't a must-have if you don't like how the story goes (which I didn't).

Army_of_Darkness52d ago

Doom eternal, last of us 2, ghost of tsushima, gears 5, horizon zero dawn and MK11.
Yes! I must have all of these games!

Seraphim53d ago

to each their own but I will agree that it's a terrible list. And imo or for me most aren't must haves.

Honestly there wasn't really much for sales this year imo. I read earlier today retail sales were down 20 or 30% in the UK from last year. If their deals & limited availability were like ours I can see why. Seen Death Stranding for $20 at 2 retailers but I don't feel a need to own it and have a handful of games in my backlog. I'd like to play it eventually but...... then obviously TLOU2, Ghost of Tsushima were both on sale along with some other Sony titles but I already own anything of interest. Assassins Creed wasn't on sale this year & not that I buy it but I don't think CoD was on sale either. Watch Dogs is likely $30 because no one wants it.

Walmart was sold out of all their online only Switch titles that were on sale while they had plenty stock on store shelves. At least my dads story [sale was online only] since I asked him to pick up a game when he went grocery shopping Fri. Perhaps, since I'm old enough to not ask for presents he's planning to surprise me at Christmas lol. There just weren't really any great deals on games out there this year; again, imo.

side note: starting to think $70 games are a blessing since i won't buy as many new. I have Nioh 2 and TLOU2 sitting here still sealed because I haven't got to them yet. I seen Nioh 2 as cheap as $10 or $30 for the Special Edition while TLOU2 was $30. I could have just waited and bought both for $40 instead of $120. Guess it's true what they say about us old fogies.

phoenixwing53d ago

nba game is microtransaction fest

anast53d ago

NBA2k is a $27 F2P game. How is this a deal?

Final_Aeon53d ago

TLOU2 is not a must have. If anything, not playing it ensures the TLOU franchise doesn't get tarnished in one's experience.

CYALTR53d ago

Half of those are already on GamePass if you play on Xbox