SaGa Frontier Is Getting A Remaster

Square Enix announced a remaster of 1998 PlayStation game SaGa Frontier today, coming summer 2021.

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xTonyMontana48d ago

HELL YES!!!!!!! Never did get to play the original, so rare in the UK I never found a copy, second was amazing though, very unique JRPG.

lodossrage48d ago

The second was great. But be warned, Saga Frontier one is absolutely nothing like part 2. Outside of the saga name, they share no resemblance to each other at all

OtterX47d ago

I agree. I owned both, and absolutely loved part 2. The first one is so-so, I couldn't ever really get into it. Completely different types of rpgs. They should have included part 2 as part of a remaster double pack.

lodossrage48d ago

I got into the SAGA series late. And THIS one, Saga Frontier was the first I owned. I wish I would have played the SNES Saga games but oh well.

If this remake is anything like the original, people are going to love and hate it at the same time. Mainly because you're underpowered because the difficulty doesn't match where you are in the game..

Side note, as long as I can transform into the Alkaiser again I'm happy :)

Ninver47d ago

Dude I had Saga Frontier 1 & 2 on the ps2. Never finished the first but it had an awesome soundtrack.

jznrpg47d ago

Nice . More old stuff please

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The story is too old to be commented.