CDPR: Keanu Reeves Has Played Cyberpunk 2077 and "He Loves It"

CD Projekt Red recently disclosed their financial results and had some interesting comments to share regarding Cyberpunk 2077.

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Beastgamerkuma55d ago

I mean, I would hope so since he is backing the project.

Tiqila53d ago

Norman Reedus never played Death Stranding...

StoneyYoshi53d ago

Norman Reedus Also didn't really push marketing this game anywhere near the level of Keanu. The most Norman Reedus mainly just talked about was his experience working with Hideo on the project.

DragonWarrior1954d ago

He's been the face of the whole marketing, you think he's going to say he hates it? Not that I don't believe him I'm sure it will be a great game. They really haven't done a great job showing how it's going to be amazing but I'm sure it's going to be one of those 'you need to play to truly understand why it's great' kinda games.

ClayRules201254d ago

Yeah, Keanu Reeves, I wouldn’t expect to say anything else. My first thought when reading this was “Norman Reedus” who loved that Walking Dead game and said it was amazing and whatever, yet there were literally no review copies sent out (if I’m not mistaken) so basically his mouth was the only one people had to go on, until release day. I might be wrong, somebody correct me, please. But I don’t remember early reviews from websites before the release day, going out, which was annoying. And I didn’t have much faith in the game and it turned out to be complete garbage, no surprise there, really.

I’m excited for Cyberpunk. And do think once played, it’ll be like, wow, I’m really surprised at how great this is. If not...I’ll cry lol. If Keanu’s genuinely loving it, awesome! His times being well spent. But like Nolan North, who’m I love, great guy, extremely talented and I respect him and all he’s done, basically. But I remember when he talked and praised up Avengers from Crystal Dynamics and compared it to Uncharted when we were still waiting for footage and only behind closed door stuff was shown, I think this was right before the leaked footage surfaced.

His words

“It absolutely is one of the most stunning things…", promised the prolific voice actor [via GameByte], "you can’t tell where in-game cinematics and gameplay [separate]…it’s so seamless…"

“You always worry that [a game] looks so good, and then you get the game and you’re like, ‘oh gameplay doesn’t look as good.’ [Avengers] really, visually, it’s one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen. And obviously with The Last of Us, Uncharted, they’re amazing, but [Avengers] blew me away.”

This is why I don’t take much from some who work on games, he’s not good at them. Now he’s talking on visuals but from a gameplay perspective too, he’s gone on about how impressive it was in interviews as well. Some of you all have enjoyed the finished game, some haven’t. To me it wasn’t impressive, gameplay wise or visually all that.

AngelicIceDiamond54d ago

Yeah it's clearly marketing. Ever since Keeanu's resurgence in popularity in the past 6 years with the John Wick movies and the whole breathtaking thing at E3. Keeanu is the perfect guy for marketing anything right now because he can sell anything just by stage presence alone. Movies and games. CD is doing what any corporation would do, Hell I would. Keeanu doesn't strike me a gamer one bit tbh.

sKiiTs854d ago

agreed, none of the videos have done a good job in showing if but i think you've just gotta get lost in the story and world and it'll all come together

Yppupdam54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

In other stunning News, Keanu Reeves says Arch Motorcycles are the best on the market. (He owns Arch Motorcycle company) blah...

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ScootaKuH54d ago

Let's face it, he's in the game so he's hardly going to say it's shit is he?

MADGameR54d ago

ofcourse he's going to like it.....he's in the game

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