Marvel's Avengers Will Get "Extensive Additional Content" to Revitalize Sales

Fans can expect “extensive additional content” to drop sooner or later.

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Beastgamerkuma58d ago

On the real, some of us rather it work than worry about more content. Fix the game first before adding more.

jukins57d ago

Works fine for me im starved for content though like actual teamworking havingnto come with the right builds gear hard type content.

X-2356d ago

Hold up man, yes the game is buggy but you can't tell me you'd actually be just fine continuously doing this end game grind with not a thing changing ever?
I get it the game has its issues and what not, but even if this game was 100% functional it would not change the fact that the severe lack of content and rinse and repeat missions with the same locations the same enemies the same boss enemies and very mundane loot will drive this games player base into the ground.

I want this game to live instead of them taking it out back of the shed and putting one in its head because we're not going to get another Marvel Game like this, Avengers, X-Men, whatever, and extensive content is going to be what does that not just completely focusing on bug fixes, both need to be done in cycles and moderation and crossplay needs to be looked into sooner or later.

Beastgamerkuma53d ago

Most of us do want this game to succeed but if you constantly have enemies that fall through the floor that prevents your from finishing missions or at times your hero being stuck on something. New content means nothing if the game still doesn't work. It needs to be put back in the oven. They need to fix it.

The fact that you are just starving for any teamed base marvel game is not going to get us a better marvel game. This game is failing for a lot of issues already. They should have taken their time, I mean Disney has nothing to do with this game for a reason.

NeoGamer23256d ago

I haven't played the game yet, so don't really know, but from what I read, it seems to be repetitive and boring....

So, if you add more content is it just not more repetitive and more boring?

-Foxtrot58d ago

Yes all 12 fans still playing will love this....

Just admit defeat and make something else, it's a waste of time.

Yppupdam57d ago

what? Your not looking forward to the extensive trove of outfits that they will release for Kamala Kahn? seems like you will have hundreds to choose from..... :P

Blank57d ago

HAHAHA!!! Man!! That sense of logic is hilarious! Maybe completely change the gameplay and mechanics for the better?? It’s too repetitive! Either way I can’t rag on them too much for trying to better the game. It’s just a whole lot of overhaul is needed to have a smash GaaS hit. Maybe FF14 Realm Reborn level, which they have exp for. But that game is just needs some intense care and dev time. Lastly I am sure that license fee must be hard to cover considering overall game budget for release. Either way I wish them the best and hope for the best but they truly should’ve done way more effort from the start.

CantThinkOfAUsername57d ago

They should have stayed away from GaaS.

jukins57d ago

Ff realm reborn is really the only reason I'm holding out hope for this game. Square was willing to completely scrap the game remake it and its now one of the best mmorpgs. While I dont think it needs to be completely scrapped it definetly needs some tweaks more content more actual team work maybe some teamup moves. I actually like the combat the doodging countering the awareness you need at higher levels just needs to be for something more meaningful if that makes sense.

aaronaton57d ago

I didn't realise people still cared about Marvel stuff, I thought it all finished last year?

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The story is too old to be commented.