Astro's Playroom Is A True Next-Gen Experience

Game Informer: "Or: why I love the game's big dumb zipper."

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Jin_Sakai59d ago

I found myself playing with the zipper far too often in Astro’s Playroom. The monkey climbing level was also pretty amazing. The DualSense haptics are the real deal.

59d ago
IRetrouk59d ago

Game is full of awesome memories for me, while also being an entertaining platformer, the best thing is as me and the kids played through it(completed it the same day lol) I got to share stories about games etc as I was growing up, was a stroke of genius whoever came up with the idea of bundling this with every ps5, the game is great and thats not even getting into the variety of levels and collectables/easter eggs or the controller features, I want a full blown followup

Kurisu59d ago

"But to feel my controller rumble in such a way that I can feel a zipper opening and closing, it's unlike anything I've ever felt in a video game before"

I really can't wait to try out the Dual Sense when I eventually get a PS5 next year.

Einhander197159d ago

Its incredible, and if you have been with Sony from the beginning you'll love the ending.