Assassin's Creed Valhalla Update 1.04 Makes Performance Mode Worse on PS5

PP: The YouTube channel VG Tech has done some analysis of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, both before and after the 1.04 update, and using the stats provided, it's clear that the new update is actually a little worse for the PS5 when playing in the default Performance mode.

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JustTheFax50d ago

Guess microsoft's check went through, right guys?

Silly gameAr50d ago

You're the one who said it, no one else.

potatoseal50d ago

PS5 was running fine before the patch.

Now it almost unplayable. So much so, that I deleted the game and re-installed the disc version with no update.


Your patch made the PS5 version run like shit.

50d ago
porkChop49d ago


Yeah, it couldn't just be a bug, right? It's not like Ubi are known for buggy games or buggy patches, right? It's not like Valhalla was already full of bugs, right? Nah, it's got to be some conspiracy.

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potatoseal49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

The game is working perfectly for me now with the patch. Even better than this video. I had to reinstall my disc version, get the update, and then reset my ps5

imtiyaz649d ago (Edited 49d ago )

@Damnthedemon We love playstation, and we own that s**t because Sony delivers the games and service that made us loyal. You’re even more pathetic than any of the playstation fanboys, because you just created an account on a site you only heard about on Twitter because you thought somebody needed to come here and defend Xbox’s honor. How pathetic is that? Lol.

Babadook749d ago

This is a suspicious move by Ubisoft to say the least.

strifeblade49d ago

playstation users deserve the downgrade- after all the bashing- now you can say the series x version will be better.

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ecchiless50d ago

the division deal is coming back

Sayai jin50d ago

Stop. It's just sad. I mean, it's cool to have a preference, but at some point people need to realize their pieces of relatively cheap plastic. Being an PS or Xbox does not put you into some elite club. Same goes for pc.

On topic, this wouldn't be the first time a 3rd party dev released a patch that made their game perform. It's still unacceptable. I haven't even played AC yet...still enjoying Spiderman and Demon Souls.

cooperdnizzle50d ago

Dude it’s more than just a piece of plastic. If ms where the only ones in the gaming industry at the moment I wouldn’t be a gamer. It’s about rewarding the company that is making the best games and the Philosophy that they have for what the gaming industry should be. I am a guitar guy as well and it’s the same thing, it’s not just a brand issues, it’s rewarding the people who are making the best product at the time. Gibson learned this the hard way if ya know anything of what I speak of.

JackBNimble50d ago

I laugh when people say shit like that ..." I wouldn't be a gamer if..."

Such a load of BS.

Sayai jin50d ago

Negative. It's a piece of plastic and these our corporations. The number one goal is satisfying their shareholders. They have no allegiance to you or any only other fan. As aformentioned, it's cool to have a preference or even just like the products the company produces.

I own stock (I am probably oldwr than most on here) in several companies, including MS, Sony, Amazon, Paypal, Ford, Netflic amd so on. I don't get hung up, rage, spread toxicity, put down other people's preference ,etc. Sure, if a company does something I feel is negative, I'll not condone it and visa versa. Although I personally feel that Sony absolutely dominated MS in games last gen...the main reason for a console; I play with people on Xbox and PC that do not care for Sony exlcusives. I don't understand it, I am mature enough to understand that's their preference.

I am a audio enthusiast, gaming enthusiast, car enthusiast, etc. I absolutely enjoy my cars and prefer my Audi sports coupe over the vette I used to own. Even though my toys are relatively expensive, I still know that I don't beling to some elite brotherhood or spread toxixity of others who own dofferent sports cars.

So, not liking MS, Sony, insert any conpany here, for their practices or products is fine. However, it is apparent there are countless people that take this too seriously and feel the need to be toxic of others choices. I feel if someone can't see that, then they are too deep into it.

Sayai jin50d ago

If people want to go overboard and cheerlead for a multi-billion dollar company, put down other people's preference in products, etc...then knock yourself out. I get not liking a conpanies practices and/or products, but instead of wasting my energy putting them fown, or even worse putting down the people that brought a product from said company. I think it is a anbsolute waste to biy an American made car, but that's where I stop. Just saying from a lifelong gamer, it looks ridiculous for people to carry on the way some do about the other console. Gaming has grown more toxic nowadays, there's no need for people to spread it into gaming.
Gaming should bring joy. That goes to mobile gamers, pc gamers, console gamers, and so on.

AngelicIceDiamond50d ago

@Zeeb is ignoring the fact that ubisoft games are either poorly optimized, or Ubisoft build their games and puts in things that consoles can't even run properly. ACU for example. Yeah 6 years later that game runs as its intended for new consoles. Apparently the game was rendering things that was ahead of its time even for consoles. Similar situation for the original watchdogs game.

MS was partly to blame for sending out their tools late but it's still ubisofts poor optimizing and patching as the case for PS5. This isn't anything new for Ubisoft they rush their games or do things the consoles can't do. Zeeb needs to take a long walk outside.

cooperdnizzle49d ago

Jack. Laugh at whatever ya want. Some business still want to do right by the customers and the business they are in. Just because you want to make money doesn’t mean you don’t care about the consumer, the two are not mutually exclusive. And you can believe what ever you want. Many people in the music business where like this for the past 10 years now they are finding out if ya don’t make a good product know matter how big you are people won’t buy it. I’ve actually studied business in collage so, you are entitled to believe whatever you want. But it doesn’t mean it’s right.

thornintheside49d ago


Something tells me you weren't around at the start of ps3

x_xavier_x49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


What would Microsoft have to do to entice you to buy a Series X? I think the Series X has a lot of potential, but at the moment it's not reaching the targeted goals. If the console lives up tot the hype and Microsoft releases some great exclusives, would you ever consider buying a Series X?

DJStotty48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Exactly Sayai jin, very well said.

Me personally, i am not bothered which console runs whichever game better, as long as the game runs well, then what does it matter?

At the end of the day, everyone is enjoying the same game, regardless of platform.

I remember the good old days, where i went to a friends house to game on the console that i did not own, and they came to mine to game on the console they did not own, gone are them days, which is a sad thing. You talk to a fan of a rival platform these days, and they go above and beyond to try and convince you you have made the incorrect choice and theirs is better, i'm like "to be honest fella, i don't care"

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SmokinAces50d ago

I thought the go to was "lazy developers" or "poor development tools".

Shiken49d ago

It just goes to show how unpolished these cross gen ports really are, rushing for the holiday in a pandemic and all. Valhalla has its share of bugs, so it is no surprise that this happened. MS had nothing to do with it.

In any case, these comparisons will hold more weight as devs have the devkits longer. Better quality control for patches should be in place as well.

BLAKHOODe49d ago

IDK if that rumor is true or not, but given some of the things a company like Apple has been caught doing, I wouldn't dismiss the possibility Ubisoft purposefully did this on Microsoft's behalf. But we'll likely never know. So, oh well.

gamer780449d ago

It’s pretty safe to say that these launch titles aren’t optimized well for any platform. I’m hoping cyberpunk fairs better than ac or call of duty. So many bugs and issues. But I guess this is what we get launching during a pandemic

OneLove49d ago

Lol you guys sound like Trumper conspiracy theorists.

Gunstar7549d ago

Pathetic. There is virtually no performance difference on ps5.

Seriously grow up.

Shiken49d ago

DF just released a breakdown of the new patch. They say the PS5 version has not changed at all, the XSX just got better. It is pretty much a straight tie now with XSX having less tearing and a more stable 60 fps, but a lower bottom resolution as a trade off.

Man your comment has not aged well at all.

JustTheFax49d ago

It was a joke, probably my best comment yet! haha

ABizzel149d ago

It's a bug in the patch for some people you have to reinstall the game on PS5 and it's back to normal.

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potatoseal50d ago

The patch has ruined the PS5 version of the game. Unplayable in performance mode.

Hellcat202050d ago

I've had 0 issues or noticed any difference on my ps5
Just played it less than an hour ago and quite a bit last night

potatoseal50d ago

Really wow.

I will tell you what's happening to me.

Any big fighting scene is massive Frame Drops.
Go into any big town and move the camera around you in a circle and massive frame drops.

Both of those things never happened before the patch.

UltimateOwnage50d ago

Same here. I’m over 37 hours in, played on the original build, first patch and now this one that introduced quality and performance modes. I don’t see any major issues in performance mode that are new. But I also uninstalled the game and then reinstalled and repatched before playing when the new update released since my PS5 FW update actually caused quite a few problems with my game installs. Since then all has been good.

DragonWarrior1949d ago

Mine too, had a day off and basically played all day with no issue.

potatoseal49d ago

Ok. I will delete and reinstall with the patch.

I've read elsewhere that some people have had my issue and now they notice nothing bad at all. So doing this will 'fix' what's happened to me.

ScootaKuH49d ago

Same. There's still bugs and annoying screen tearing but nothing that even comes close to it being unplayable

mark3214uk49d ago

mine also seems fine, unless i cant tell the differance

potatoseal49d ago

It's working perfect now. Crazy

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ScootaKuH49d ago

What is making it unplayable exactly? Seems the same to me

GamerBeast198250d ago

i always pick the graphic mode in all my games as the performance has never been a problem in any game for my. So better graphics is my option.

Mithan50d ago

Reboot your PS5, it helps.

anubusgold49d ago

digital foundry said just reboot your ps5 also they made the ps5 a little slower to cut back on screen tearing.