Ranking Demon's Souls' 5 Archstones

Let's take a walk across Boletaria as we rank Demon's Souls five worlds

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Babadook748d ago

Shrine of Storms for the win. I don’t disagree with this list. But I like all 5.

toxic-inferno47d ago

I'm a newcomer to the game, but I have to say I absolutely loved the Prison of Hope (3-1). I found the level of detail and sheer reliance on the environment to build up the narrative and backstory to be incredible.

So far, Demon's Souls has thoroughly impressed me with its variety in locations - something I feel Dark Souls didn't really manage to capture in the same way.

Rocketisleague47d ago

Yeah demons more atmospheric, second only to bloodborne imo.

Dark souls just has superior level design. Sen castle for example is an excellent gameplay piece. One things in.the.series. although tower of latria is quite a bit up there.

Replaying.dark souls remastered atm.

toxic-inferno47d ago

I did enjoy Sen's Fortress. You're right that the level design was superior and more complex. But I just found Dark Souls a little bland after falling in love with Bloodborne's atmosphere.

Rocketisleague47d ago

Couldn't disagree with you, tbh they're all pretty lacking after bloodborne, far as im concerned bloodborne just trumps the whole souls series. Dark souls 3 is pretty great though, it came out after bloodborne and you can tell it took influence from it. Sekiro is its own little beast anyway, for me I found sekiro more fun the others, just it lacks in variety compared to bloodborne.

Genova8446d ago

Did you know there's a bonfire in sen's fortress? Because on my first 5 playthroughs, I did not. Boy did that bonfire give the courage to not need it on my 6th playthrough ...

zypher46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I think Dark Souls is just as varied, but the variety can be hard to note since the game is more open, and the segues between areas happens more gradual. Firelink Shrine and Blighttown are like day and night for instance, but the change in tone is made gradual as you pass from Shrine to Undead Burg to Lower Undead Burg to The Depths then finally Blighttown.

Storm2347d ago

It is my first souls game of any kind and I am having a lot of fun. Lots of exploring to do. I like all of them areas so far. Some I didn’t like at first but now I do. Great game for sure.

Rocketisleague47d ago

Im jealous you get to go from the start again. If you like and finish it, try the rest of the souls series, eventually bloodborne and sekiro.

Storm2346d ago

I get that. I feel that way when I introduce my friends to games that are my favorites and they experience them for the first time.

toxic-inferno46d ago

Cherish this time! I would love to wipe Bloodborne from my memory and experience it again from scratch. Unfortunately, you never quite get to experience that sense of Discovery again.

Storm2346d ago

Yeah I'm having a great time. Thanks