6 Great Lesser-Known Games You May Have Missed

KeenGamer: "Let's list 6 of the best, often-overlooked games of the last generation. If you're looking to make the most of your PS4 or Xbox One before moving on the the next generation, this list is for you. With the thousands of games released during the 8th generation of consoles, you're bound to have missed out on something."

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Spenok58d ago

Titanfall 2 is on this list BWAHAHA!

Tiqila58d ago

Also Mad Max. To each their own, I guess...

Spenok56d ago

My point was that it is in NO way a "lesser known game." That's a straight denial of the truth. The game is estimated to have sold AT LEAST 4 million copies... which is before it was free in PS+ and gamepass...