The Witcher 3 On Switch Was a Nice "Revenue Driver" For CDPR, Performed "Really Well"

CD Projekt Red is satisfied with the sales of The Witcher 3 on the Nintendo Switch. Despite the late release of the game, it performed really well.

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SDuck48d ago

And it must've been a real good way to practice graphical dowgrades for some other projects they have planned XD

Father__Merrin48d ago

How can you play this on switch I get it there's not a right lot on switch so ppl will buy anything. I'd like to know the ages of ppl that buy this for on the go. If you faff about with a switch whilst commuting to work your likely get it nicked

andy8548d ago

Not everyone lives in crime ridden places. Playing games while commuting is incredibly commonplace in Japan and they have like a quarter of the total Switch sales.

phoenixwing48d ago

Japanese are too busy commuting to work to commit crimes. Unemployment rate is 2.34% in japan. I was surprised. That easily destroys american unemployment rates.

annoyedgamer48d ago

Japan doesnt have much crime. They are slaves to work however so commute is their only free time..

OtterX48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I live in the 4th safest country in the world. I've played my Switch on the Metro into Lisbon w no issues. There are known pickpockets in the city, but they're more the sneaky type, non-threatening. They wouldn't snatch something right out your hand in front of witnesses... they work more like magicians, lol It's just not an aggressive country. Just keep a good eye and a good grip, and there are no issues!

I use the portability most of all at long all-day family events at my inlaws though. Gatherings can be unbearably long and frequent here! (ok, not as much under Covid) What saves this on the Switch is the cross-save with PC. I like to play it at the highest graphical settings on my PC, then be able to continue it on the go.

Playing it handheld out on the porch for fresh air is nice too. And to answer your question, I'm no kid - just turned 40.

Father__Merrin48d ago

Well your lucky to live in a safe place. Here you can take what you want and only receive banana sentences it's a disgrace

NotoriousWhiz48d ago

I pretty much use my Switch almost exclusively docked now. But I've got a dock at every TV and it's super convenient to be able to just move from one TV to another at any time.

Zhipp48d ago

People are running around with $1000+ dollar phones. Is it really that much riskier to play with a Switch in public?

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UltimateOwnage48d ago

I’ve really enjoyed the Switch build. I’m still kind pf amazed how well they ported it to the system. I’m really glad to hear it worked out well for CDPR.

jznrpg48d ago

I just can’t get myself to buy games like this on the Switch. Hell it’s hard for me to go back to my PS4 that runs it much better than the Switch . Portability is nice and if I go on Vacation I would consider it but otherwise I just buy exclusives for Switch only .

repsahj48d ago

this is my first witcher experience, i really enjoyed it on switch. Thats why i cant wait for the next witcher on next gen like ps5.